‘Naked and Afraid XL’ Banished: Season 6 Locations & Rules

Naked and Afraid

Discovery There's a new location and rules "Naked and Afraid XL," which is back with a twist. This time around the survivalist can banish someone from the group.

There’s a new location and rules for Naked and Afraid XL, which is back with a twist. Season 6 is taking place in the South African savannah as survivalists take on the Valley of the Banished.

The only way natives of this area could survive is by banishing the weak. In order to make it through the 40 days and 40 nights of this grueling challenge, Naked and Afraid XL competitors will be allowed exile members who aren’t pulling their weight. With resources scarce, each survivalist will have to prove their worth every day or be cast out.

‘Naked And Afraid XL’ Will Now Have Eliminations

The first episode starts out the same way most Naked and Afraid episodes do. Two people ride into the area together, get naked, and then find a suitable area to make a shelter. But this time around, they’ll be joined by a third member. The new addition is a survivalist who is seeking redemption from a previous challenge.

“In an all-new season of Naked and Afraid XL, only the strong will survive as a new crop of survivalists, including some seeking redemption, are looking to make their mark on this challenge,” Discovery said in a press release. “Facing unforgiving conditions, grueling temperatures and clashing personalities, these survivalists will be pushed to their limits.”

Fans of the series will probably recognize most of the people cast on this season. They include:

  • Dawn Dussault – Kanata, Ontario
  • Joshua Bell – Statham, Georgia
  • Kate Wentworth – Passadumkeag, Maine
  • Makani Nalu – Venice, California
  • Wes Harper – Cary, North Carolina
  • Seth Reece – Shortsville, New York
  • Ryan Eacret – Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Suzänne Zeta– Ashland, Virginia
  • Bulent Gurcan – Point Roberts, Washington
  • Gwen Grimes – Eagle, Alaska
  • Sarah Bartell – Goldendale, Washington
  • Jonathan Bonessi – Southampton, New York

What Will Happen on Season 6?

The survivors were broken up into four groups of three. Wes, Joshua and Gwen were placed together, with Josh being the third person to join; Bulent, Makani and Kate were the are another trio, with Kate being the person to join late; Sarah, Jonathan and Ryan found a place near a watering hole that was great for fish but filled with dangerous crocodiles and Dawn and Suzänne were the only two females to start out together, with Seth being the third person to grow.

Since his last challenge, Seth said that he has worked on his social skills and is looking forward to getting along better with his teammates. Bulent has been known to buttheads with his teammates in the past, though it’s unclear how long he will remain cordial. With Makani on his team, he is instantly thrown off by being with a survivor who doesn’t eat meat. During her challenge, Makani survived for 21 days without breaking her diet.

To see who is able to withstand brutal temperatures in South Africa, don’t miss Naked and Afraid XL when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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