‘Naked and Afraid XL’ Spoilers: Who Was Banished Tonight?

Naked and Afraid

Discovery "Naked and Afraid XL" has a new twist. Survivalists can banish group members--and not everyone is going to make it until the end.

Naked and Afraid XL has a new twist. Survivalists can banish group members–and not everyone is going to make it until the end. At any point, group members can make the decision to exile someone if they don’t think they’re pulling their weight. So did anyone go home on the premiere?

THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING: If you do not want to be spoiled, please do not continue reading.

Dawn Taps Out Early in the Game

The first person to go home on the premiere was Dawn Dussault from Kanata, Ontario. Dawn– who was partnered with Suzänne Zeta of Ashland, Virginia, and Seth Reece of Shortsville, New York–had a rough start from the moment she got to South Africa. With scorching temperatures singing her bare feet, Dawn was left with blisters on the first day of the challenge.

She and Suzänne carried on the best they could, building their shelter and welcoming Seth when he showed up later in the day. Considering they were exhausted, they decided to accept Seth, who is seeking redemption, as a happy addition to their duo.

Though the elements tried Dawn, it turned out to be the psychological came that took her out. After making it through the first day, Dawn–a retired infantry officer–tapped out on Day 2, abandoning her two teammates.

Joshua Bell Becomes the First Person To Be Banished

Naked and Afraid

Discovery Wes Harper is one of the survivalists on Season 6 of “Naked and Afraid XL.”

Gwen Grimes of Eagle, Alaska, and Wes Harper of Cary, North Carolina, were humming along in during their first day of the challenge. When Grimes realized the ground was way too hot for her feet, Harper helped her fashion shoes so she could withstand the terrain. They moved on, finding a location for shelter and seamlessly working together to build it so they would have somewhere to take refuge once it got dark. Then Joshua Bell showed up.

Bell, one of the survivalists who is seeking redemption, brought along duct tape–a choice item that might seem questionable to some. Harper revealed he was actually happy to see the duct tape.

“All things considered, the duct tape was really a very good item to choose,” he told Heavy. “In the coming weeks it was very instrumental.”

The duct tape, however, turned out to be more helpful than Bell. While Grimes and Harper worked all day to get water and firewood, Bell would sleep, saying he didn’t have any energy. Grimes and Harper would return to camp to find Bell “hunting” for birds, something that he wasn’t successful out.

After Bell didn’t help with any camp chores–except for getting water once after Grimes asked him–Grimes and Harper made the decision to banish him from the group. Refusing to survive on his own, Bell tapped out.

To see who is able to withstand the harsh environment in South Africa and handle the group dynamics, don’t miss Naked and Afraid XL when it airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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