Nick Cordero Suffers ‘Rocky Night’ & Needed Lungs Scraped, Wife Says

Nick Cordero and wife Amanda Kloots

Instagram Nick Cordero and wife Amanda Kloots share a selfie on Instagram in 2018.

Nick Cordero‘s rollercoaster journey back to health after being diagnosed with coronavirus continues. Cordero, the Tony Award-winning actor who starred in the Broadway musicals Waitress and Rock of Ages, remains in a coma at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, and on May 5, his wife, Amanda Kloots, explained via Instagram that he suffered another setback.

While Cordero has been in intensive care since the end of March, things seemed to be moving in the right direction after doctors successfully completed his tracheostomy surgery a few days earlier. But on Tuesday, Kloots said, “He had a little bit of a rocky night. His is oxygen levels went down, but they got him right back and they did some lung scraping to get rid of some more infection. So, he’s now back to some good numbers.”

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Kloots, 38, who’s been taking care of their 10-month old son, Elvis, with the help of her two siblings, continues to be strong and have faith in Cordero’s recovery. The celebrity trainer said, “So far, he’s back to being stable. Fingers crossed for a good day, and always, the possibility of waking up.”

A Day Earlier, Cordero’s Eyes Were Opening Up, ‘But Not Connected to Anything’ Kloots Said

On May 4, Kloots shared on Instagram, “The doctors say Nick is looking good. His settings on everything are getting better. And now we just need him to wake up. His eyes are opening up but they’re not connected to anything right now. So we just need them to connect to something.”

Kloots described how she’s been talking to other people who’ve had loved ones recover from coronavirus to “get an idea of the mindset of when they wake up out of a coma and what they remember.”

“One of the things they said is that the first step is that the eyes open. The second step is that the eyeballs sort of track [movement]. We are at eyes open, which is great. We just need, like, the mental status to kick in.”

Doctors Told Kloots Not To Give Up Hope Yet

The former Radio City Rockette has been through a horrific ordeal over the past few months. However, Kloots’ positive energy and her ability to always look at the bright side of things while her husband remains unconscious, has made her an unexpected social media star. Even after Cordero’s needed his right leg amputated due to blood clots, Kloots remained undaunted.

Kloots has been hoping and praying that her husband will soon wake up. “He is 41 and he’s been fighting,” she said. “He’s been fighting really hard. We know. He’s literally been thrown every curveball he could be thrown.”

Being on the younger side is a huge tip in the Waitress star’s hat. Doctors told Kloots, “If Nick was in his 70s, it would be a different conversation,” in regards to what could be considered the best-case scenario. “But doctors said do not give up,” she said. “We’re just trying to get to a healthy state to get his trach in but that can’t happen.”

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