Olive Garden’s Website Down Amid Long Mother’s Day To-Go Wait


Olive Garden hasn’t been having the happiest of Mother’s Days today. The popular restaurant’s website is periodically going down today, including the home page and the order online page. The site is sometimes down for people when they try to visit, and they have to wait for it to refresh several times before they can access the site. Meanwhile, there are numerous complaints on Twitter from people who said they had to wait an hour or more to pick up orders they had placed online.

If you go to Olive Garden’s website, you may see that the site is down depending on your timing. There’s a message that sometimes reads: “Please wait a moment while we get the site ready for you.” Then it reads: “We’re experiencing a large number of guests at this time. Sit tight. No need to refresh the page as we’ll redirect you in a few moments. Thanks and see you soon!’

The page automatically refreshes every 15 seconds, only to show the same message for quite a few times. This happens on both the home page and the Order Online page for the site. If you wait long enough, the website will likely eventually come up for you. If you see the error when you visit the website, you’ll need to simply leave the website up for a long time and let it reload over and over before it finally goes back online.

Olive Garden

This is happening while many people have shared online that they haven’t been able to get their to-go orders quickly and the wait has been an hour or longer.

Here are some complaints people have shared on  Twitter today about their experiences.


Part of the problem is when you order for curbside pickup, you might still have to wait to get your order.


There’s a really long line when you arrive at a lot of locations.


Pre-orders are experiencing problems too.


Even if given a specific time to pick up your order, some people are saying they still had to wait.


Some are waiting an hour or longer.


Olive Garden responded to one tweet by saying: “We’re working hard to get everyone’s take out order out as quickly as possible.”

For others, they’re responding: “We would like to get in touch and follow up. When you can, please DM us your name, email address and order number.”

Olive Garden is asking people to contact their individual store about the delay. However, you can also DM Olive Garden on Twitter and let them know about your issues on Mother’s Day. One of the main complaints seems to be that curbside pickup is taking a lot longer than is estimated online.

Remember: if you’re experiencing problems, don’t take it out on the people working today. They’re working under a lot of stress with COVID-19 and trying to operate differently than they normally do. But do reach out to Olive Garden and let them know the issues you had. Some might try ordering delivery instead and see if that works better.

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