Otto Kilcher’s Death Hoax on ‘Alaska the Last Frontier’

Over the years, Otto Kilcher has been the subject of multiple death hoaxes. In fact, one of the top searches for the reality TV star’s name is “Otto Kilcher Dead.” Many of those hoaxes can be traced back to Kilcher’s health struggles.

In 2016, while filming Season 6 of Alaska: The Last Frontier, the 68-year-old was seen in bed and in extreme pain. In their description of the clip, Inquisitr writes, “A man, presumably his doctor, is standing over him and warns him that if a clot comes loose and goes to his lung, he could be dead in 24 to 48 hours.” Fortunately, though, Kilcher lived to discuss the experience.

Read on to learn what we know about Kilcher’s health struggles and status today.

Kilcher Underwent Hernia Surgery in 2016

In November 2016, Kilcher underwent hernia surgery. He opened up about how the surgery went in a Facebook Live.

A section of the live shows Kilcher saying, “… This is Otto Kilcher himself… By golly it’s really tough being laid up and not being active.” He later said he was feeling, “fit as a fiddle.”

He also opened up about the pain he felt during the surgery, saying, “When doc had to sew that [groin] area… I could actually feel the tugging. You gotta endure a little pain now and then.”

One look at Kilcher’s Facebook page shows he is still active and alive today, often posting Discovery’s trailers for the series.

Atz Lee Kilcher Faced a Near-Death Experience in 2017

In 2017, while hiking at an Alaskan resort, Atz Lee Kilcher almost died after falling over the edge of a cliff.

A statement from his wife, which was shared on Facebook at the time, read, “Atz Lee Kilcher, an experienced hiker, suffered a terrible fall when hiking in Otter Cove,” she wrote on Facebook. “His injuries included a broken arm, a broken shoulder, broken ankle, a broken hip, crushed ribs and two punctured lungs. He was hiking with a friend, who fell as well but sustained more minor injuries. It will be a challenging and long road to recovery for Atz Lee and the family appreciates everyone’s good thoughts at this challenging time.”

Atz later wrote on Instagram, “Thankful to be alive and at home with my wonderful family. My broken bones are healing nicely considering how many I broke. Lungs are holding strong and every day I feel a little stronger. The temperature is dropping, leaves are falling to the ground and the busiest time of year is upon me, but I know my family has my back and before long I will be back amongst the walking. Work hard, dig deep, and never give up.”

The Blast reported that Kilcher filed a lawsuit saying he was “seriously injured”, blaming the resort for having an “inadequate guarded” drop. He described the cliff as “deceptive and dangerous.”

According to The Blast, Kilcher sought $100,000 in damages.

In June 2019, The Blast reported the resort as saying the injuries were Kilcher’s own fault. In the documents, obtained by the outlet, the Otter Cove Resort denied “any liability, responsibility, or negligence.”

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