Tammy Moorer, Sidney Moorer’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tammy Moorer

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Tammy Moorer was a mother of three and a travel agent who often visited Disneyland. Then, her husband’s affair led her to jealousy ending with the disappearance of his mistress.

Sidney Moorer, her husband, and Tammy Moorer were both convicted of kidnap and sentenced to 30 years in prison in the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis. More than six years after the young woman went missing, her body has not been found. With the Moorers behind bars, investigators are continuing to follow leads they hope will bring closure to Elvis’ family. Read more about Sidney Moorer here.

The case will be featured on Investigation Discovery’s Nine at 9, airing at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Tammy Moorer Was a Travel Agent Who Often Visited Disneyland With Money from Lawsuits

Tammy Moorer was approved for a business license to open a travel agency in her home just weeks before the disappearance of Heather Elvis, according to WMBF News. Her travel agency was called Magical Vacations by Tammy.

A relative of Tammy Moorer described her as a litigious person who gained most of her family income from lawsuits and settlements, the news station reported. They were boastful about the money, the relative said, and often took trips to Disneyland.

Sidney Moorer worked as a welding contractor. Read more about him here.

Heather Elvis’ disappearance was not the first time Sidney Moorer faced trouble with the law. He was arrested for shoplifting in 2009, and in 2011, he and Tammy Moorer’s father, William Caison, were charged with assaulting and threatening a neighbor over a property dispute, according to WMBF News. The neighbor told the news outlet in 2014 he still fears for his safety after repeated threats.

2. Tammy Moorer & Sidney Moorer Had 3 Children Together

Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer had three children together. One of them, Sidney Christian Moorer, was named after their father, according to My Horry News, based in Horry County, South Carolina.

A juror, Donna Marlow, told WMBF News after Tammy Moorer’s kidnapping trial that it was difficult to convict the mother of three because she was thinking of the couple’s children.

“It was very hard for a lot of them and especially for me, because I felt sorry for the kids,” she said.

Sidney Moorer invoked his children at his sentencing, claiming he understood the pain of Heather Elvis’ family and wished he could bring them closure, but maintained his innocence.

“If I could give them closure, I would,” he said in court, according to Oxygen. “I have children of my own. I get it. There’s just nothing I can give them.”

3. Tammy Moorer Would Handcuff Sidney Moorer as a Punishment, According to Trial Testimony

Tammy Moorer’s sister, Ashley Caison, told police that her sister would handcuff Sidney Moorer to the bed as punishment, according to My Horry News, the Horry County, South Carolina newspaper.

Nancy Livesay with the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office read from a transcript between Caison and investigators after Heather Elvis disappearance. Police asked her if her brother-in-law had been handcuffed to the bed.

She replied he was and said, “That was her way to punish him.”

At the trial, Caison denied the conversation before Livesay read the transcript. She said she knew of the couple playing with handcuffs.

Another relative of Tammy Moorer described her as the dominant one in the relationship, according to WMBF News.

“Sidney, to me always was a lucky-go-happy guy, but you could tell by being around them as a couple, that she called the shots,” the relative said.

4. Tammy Moorer Began Sexting an Old Friend After She Learned of Her Husband’s Affair

After Tammy Moorer learned her husband was having an affair with Heather Elvis, she started her own affair online, according to the New York Post. Kevin Hummel was an old acquaintance who knew Tammy Moorer since 1998. She reached out to him in October 2013 on Facebook and they began sexting.

‘She was looking for someone to basically have sex with,” Hummel told jurors at Moorer’s trial.

The two talked on the phone and over text message, but never met up. It was a short-lived virtual fling which ended abruptly in December 2013, around the same time that Heather Elvis disappeared. Moorer’s attorneys argued she and her husband had an open relationship, and his affair did not bother her. Read more about Sidney Moorer here.

5. Prosecutors Theorized That Sidney Moorer Impregnated Heather Elvis, Prompting Tammy Moorer’s ‘Fire of Jealousy’

Assistant solicitor Nancy Livesay laid out a theory for the jury in 2019 that Heather Elvis became pregnant during Sidney Moorer’s affair with her. She contended that the possible pregnancy may have prevented Sidney Moorer and Tammy Moorer from moving passed the affair and going back to their normal lives. The suspected pregnancy, she said in court, was the motive that led the Moorers to craft an elaborate plot to kidnap Elvis, leaving little evidence behind, according to Oxygen.

Prosecutors claimed Tammy Moorer erupted into a “fire of jealousy,” according to The New York Post.

Sidney Moorer bought a pregnancy test at Walmart before removing the SD card from his cellphone so he could not be tracked. He then called Elvis from a pay phone instead of using his own cellphone.

“There is no doubt who the villain in this story is,” Livesay said in the trial. “It’s Sidney Moorer.”

His defense attorney argued that there was no evidence Elvis was pregnant, and said the prosecutors failed to consider other possible suspects in the disappearance.

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