Taylor Swift Fans Try to ‘Cancel’ Burger King Over ‘Sexist’ Twitter Joke

Taylor Swift and Burger King

Getty Taylor Swift's fans start a campaign to 'cancel' Burger King on Twitter.

The hashtag “Burger King Is Over Party” started trending on Twitter on Wednesday, an online campaign started by the die-hard fans of singer Taylor Swift. The crux of the “cancel party” against Burger King stemmed from the following Twitter exchange: A user online asked the fast-food restaurant, “I need to know… what’s yalls favorite Taylor Swift song?” and Burger King replied, “The one about her ex.”

Swift’s fans noted that they did not like the tone in which Burger King replied, and posted the national chain’s customer service phone numbers so that people could call and report the incident. Fierce supporters of the “Lover” singer did not find Burger King’s tweet funny, but sexist and an attempt to slut-shame the 10 time Grammy Award-winning artist.

McDonald’s, one of Burger King’s main competition in the fast-food burger world, added even more fuel to the Twitter fire after retweeting a screenshot of the original exchange and wrote, “We would never.”

Wendy’s also got into the Twitter trend. They answered “What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?” by tweeting, “Ummm, probably ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’ but maybe this is why we can’t have nice things.”

The ‘Burger Kings Is Over Party’ Trended Higher Because Users Online Also Tweeted About the Smear Campaign Being Ridiculous

It’s a testament to Taylor Swift of how much her fans love her and her music, however, many users online found this particular campaign to be a waste of time, especially, during a world pandemic. Numerous Twitter members, many of whom are fans of Swift, found the joke funny and complimentary. Swift has famously written so many catchy songs about her exes, that maybe Burger King found it impossible to pick just one track.

Other Twitter members couldn’t believe this topic was even trending while there are riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the death of George Floyd, or amid the racial incident with dog walker Amy Cooper in Central Park, which was caught on video over Memorial Day weekend.

Swift, 30, has yet to comment on the Twitter controversy with Burger King herself.

Swift & Katy Perry Dressed Up In Burger & Fries Costumes to Squash Their Feud

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A happy meal 🍔 🍟 💗

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Last June, when Swift released the music video for the song, “You Need to Calm Down,” she officially put an end to “the beef” between her and fellow pop star Katy Perry. Toward the end of the music video, Swift appears in a french fry costume, and after spotting Perry rocking a burger costume, the two share an embrace.

The burger and fries’ costumes were not labeled with a specific brand. However, Swift posted a photo on her Instagram page of the duo with the caption, “A happy meal,” which could be perceived as a nod to the Golden Arches. Perry also posted the same photo to her Instagram page with the caption, “This meal is BEEF-free.”

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