‘The 100’: What Happened to the Flame & the Dark Commander?

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When you’re watching Season 7 Episode 1 of The 100 tonight, you may need a refresher on what happened to the Flame, Madi, and the Dark Commander in the finale for Season 6. Here’s a quick recap.

This article has spoilers for the Season 6 finale of The 100. 

The Flame Was Removed from Madi After the Dark Commander’s Code Was Taken Out

At the end of last season, Madi was taken over by the Dark Commander (Sheidheda). She seemed to have completely lost control of her own soul. The Dark Commander took over the Flame and then used the Flame to take over Madi’s mind. Madi was preparing to make a deal with Russell to kill everyone in retaliation for Clarke killing Russell’s family.

But when Clarke threatened to kill herself by holding a gun to her head, it gave Madi the emotional boost that she needed to fight back against the Dark Commander. She was able to break free just long enough to stop Clarke from shooting herself in the head.

That momentary, fleeting control gave them the chance they needed to get Madi back and restrain Russell.

We saw Madi fighting with Sheidheda in a scene very reminiscent of Clarke’s fight with Josephine earlier in the season. It appeared that the Mind drive and the Flame drive really have a lot of similarities.  The Flame drive is newer tech, but you can still fight against its control, just like you can with the Mind drive.

While Madi was fighting Sheidheda, Raven worked through the Flame’s code until she was able to transfer Sheidheda out of the Flame drive and onto the ship’s computer.

But in the process, the Dark Commander managed to upload his code somewhere else, rather than staying in the firewall compartment that Raven had tried to confine him to on the ship. We aren’t told where Sheidheda went, but fans thought maybe he was just moving within the ship somewhere, had uploaded into a drive somewhere on the ship that was working, or had uploaded into someone’s mind who was in cryosleep. Other fans wondered if he had uploaded himself into the anomaly cloud itself somehow. Whatever the case, we know that the Dark Commander managed to escape Raven’s firewall and is somewhere. We just weren’t sure where.

After Raven removed the Commander’s code, something went wrong with Madi. Her pulse was weak and she looked like she was dying. Raven told Clarke that she had seen this before when it happened to her. She said the only way to save Madi would be by taking out the Flame. They had to take the Flame out of Madi, just like they had to take the ALI chip out of Raven after the EMP in a previous season. It was the only way to save Madi’s life.

Here’s that last scene from Season 6, in case you don’t remember it:

The 100 6×13- Clarke saves Madi and Sheidheda is removed2019-08-07T02:53:44Z

The Flame itself appeared to have been destroyed in the process of saving Madi.  Whether this means the Flame is dead permanently, including the Commanders who were on it, or if there is any way to revive them one day remains to be seen.

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