‘The 100’ Season 7 Episode 1: Where’s Bellamy? What Happened to Him?

The 100

If you’re watching the premiere of The 100 on The CW, then you may find yourself wondering just what happened to Bellamy. He was missing from all the promotional material and we only saw him at the beginning of Season 7 Episode 1. Here’s a quick recap in case you blinked and missed it.

This article will have major spoilers for Season 7 Episode 1 of The 100. 

Bellamy Was Kidnapped by an Invisible Force

The Season 7 premiere kicked off with Bellamy calling for Octavia, who had been stabbed and disappeared in a cloud of green right at the end of the Season 6 finale. Bellamy was screaming: “Octavia!” The episode appeared to begin shortly where it left off when Season 6 ended.

Bellamy was defeated and crying, devastated about his sister’s disappearance. Little did he know that he was about to be in a very similar predicament himself.

Something invisible grabbed him and pulled him away, just like you might see in a horror movie. Bellamy was knocked out in the process. This might lead to some wondering if he was alive or dead, since he was limp while he was being dragged away.

Echo was the first one to see Bellamy being pulled away. She tried to save him, but she was attacked by something invisible too. When Gabriel got involved, he was attacked so hard that he flew through the air, making it look like whatever was attacking them was pretty powerful.

We later learn that the invisible forces have ray guns and can shoot at them. Gabriel, Hope, and Echo set a trap for them. That’s when we learn that these invisible forces are actually people wearing high-tech suits that make them invisible. Supposedly, these suits might also let them travel through the anomaly cloud without the side effects that Echo was suffering or the memory loss Hope experienced.

This screenshot shows what the people saw behind their masks. It notes that Bellamy has a status of “captured.” They also had orders to capture Gabriel Santiago (and not to kill him, but to “rendition” him.) They had the same order for Echo.

The CW

The view from the anomaly traveler’s suit clearly indicates that Bellamy is captured. He’s not dead — he is very much alive. But why they want him and how these people even know about Bellamy, Gabriel, and Echo is another question entirely. Why do they want them? Who told them about the group? We can assume that if Hope is Diyoza’s daughter, then she knew about Bellamy because of Diyoza and Octavia. But this doesn’t explain why these other people with the high-tech suits knew about them or why they wanted to capture them.

Meanwhile, they had orders to kill Hope on sight. Why?

And somehow, according to Gabriel’s observation, the people with the suits are able to turn on and shut down the anomaly at will. That’s a lot of power.

At least we know that Bellamy is still alive, even if we don’t know exactly where he is or what kind of shape he’s in.

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