‘The 100’: Who Did the Dark Commander Kill?

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If you watched the Season 7 premiere of The 100, you may have found yourself a bit confused by one scene near the end. Sheidheda (aka the Dark Commander) returned and quickly dispensed of someone. But who did he kill?

This article will have spoilers for Season 7 Episode 1. 

The Dark Commander is back. And he’s not wasting any time enacting a plan to take over pretty much everything. If you’re a little confused by his introductory scene around 45 minutes into the premiere episode, read on for an explanation of what happened.

Russell had a conversation with Jordan, then with Clarke who promptly set his room on fire after he egged her on. He obviously wants to die. All the other Primes are dead and Russell’s ready to be done with this world too. But then all of a sudden, while his room where’s he held prisoner is on fire, he’s somewhere else.

Clarke knocked him out and this appears to be all that was needed for the Dark Commander to jump into his mind drive. But instead of seeing Russell, we see someone else there, tied up and held captive.

Sheidheda says: “Hello Russell Prime. I prefer your new body.”

The man asks who he is and where he is. Instead of answering, Sheidheda just kills him and says: “I’m you.”

And then Russell wakes up again with an entirely new resolve.

The man that Sheidheda killed was Russell’s original body. Within the mind drive, Russell still sees himself as the way he originally was, even though his original body has been gone for a long, long time. We basically saw Sheidheda wirelessly jump into Russell’s mind drive, kill Russell, and take over the drive himself.

Here’s a look at Russell in his original body from a flashback scene from Season 6.

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Remember when Josephine was in Clarke’s mind drive and had such trouble containing her? Well, Sheidheda doesn’t have that problem at all and can easily dispense of whoever the original holder of a mind drive is, it appears.

How Sheidheda Lived

In case you need a refresher, here’s a look back at how Sheidheda is still alive.

Last season, we saw that while Madi fought with Sheidheda and tried not to let him gain permanent control of her, Raven worked through the code until she was able to transfer Sheidheda out of the Flame drive and onto the ship’s computer. The Dark Commander managed to upload his code somewhere, rather than staying in the little firewall compartment that Raven had him in on the ship. We weren’t told where, but now it appears that he’s just everywhere, basically. Some believe he uploaded himself to the anomaly cloud. Well, wherever he was, he managed to be wireless because he was able to jump into Russell’s mind drive and take him over. (Some fans think that he actually jumped into Russell’s mind drive while he was still on the ship in Season 6, and just waited until now to reassert himself. That’s the theory I’m believing too.)

Madi was harder to take over than Russell was. I’m not sure if it was because he was working against more updated technology (the Flame drive versus the older Mind Drive tech) or if it was simply because Madi had a stronger will than Russell. But whatever the case, Russell is effectively gone, replaced by Sheiheda.

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