The Challenge’s Jordan & Tori Are Donating Face Masks to Help Fight COVID-19

Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal

Instagram Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal from The Challenge.

MTV The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal are donating masks to businesses and organizations to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus. Jordan is the founder of Strapped, a luxury apparel business located in Los Angeles, and together with Tori, the two are doing what they can to provide masks to those who need it most.

In an interview with Heavy, Jordan said that due to COVID-19 regulations, his company cannot produce clothes because they’re not an essential business. However, The Challenge star received approval from California Governor Gavin Newsom to produce masks as well as personal protective gear for doctors in California.

Strapped is currently selling masks to the public, and for every one mask sold, one mask is donated to “anywhere that needs them.”

Jordan said, “We are saying healthcare professionals, but we’re getting so many requests from nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living homes. There are a lot of places that are not covered by medical supplies and these emergency acts that the government’s been putting into place.”

He said, “We’re just trying to fill in the blanks.”

How to Apply for a Mask Donation From Strapped

Donations are intended for businesses and clinics, not for individuals. If an organization is interested in receiving a donation of masks from Strapped, they can apply for a donation by emailing

In the subject line, include the word “Donation.” In the body of the email, Jordan asked for the following information to be included: the number of employees who require a mask, the name of the business or organization and the business’ address.

The Challenge competitor told Heavy that each employee would receive at least two masks so they can wear a fresh, clean mask every day. The masks are machine washable.

Jordan clarified that the masks cannot be donated to a hospital because they require medical-grade masks. Strapped’s masks are not medical grade, they are “100% cotton, CDC recommended, very thick and are great quality.”

Jordan & Tori Are Running Strapped Mostly Out of Their House

Jordan told Heavy that he runs to the factory around two times a week, but he and Tori run most of the operation from their house. Jordan founded Strapped, but Tori is a big part of the business.

“We’re essentially running an entire company out of the house,” Jordan said. “We have a group of employees and friends that have all been together since the start of this company and we’re just kind of pulling together and making this happen.”

Jordan told Heavy, “We’re just glad to help. We’re just so fortunate that hey, there was a need and we can do something.”

To visit Strapped’s website and view their available masks, click here.

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