The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley on His Elimination & Moving Forward

Jordan Wiseley & Fessy Shafaat

MTV Jordan Wiseley & Fessy Shafaat

During this week’s episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, a reigning Challenge champion was eliminated from the game. Jordan Wiseley, who won last season’s War of the Worlds 2, was defeated by newcomer Fessy Shafaat in Pole Wrestle, a fan favorite elimination.

During the episode, Wes Bergmann and Mattie Breaux won the daily challenge, and together with Johnny Bananas they formed the Tribunal. Since it was a double-elimination episode, the house voted Nelson and Fessy into Purgatory, and the Tribunal nominated Jordan, Stephen Bear, Cory Wharton and Kyle Christie as candidates for going into elimination.

Wes and Bananas had their eyes set on Jordan, who they considered a major threat to their chances of winning this season. The Tribunal voted Jordan into Purgatory against the former football player Fessy.

Jordan spoke with Heavy about his elimination match with Fessy and his Challenge career moving forward.

Jordan Knew He Would Likely Be Facing Fessy in Purgatory

Walking into Purgatory and seeing the setup for Pole Wrestle, Jordan knew he was going in, and it would likely be against Fessy. He also knew this was the worst-case scenario in terms of elimination matches. Jordan is missing most of his left hand, and he is massively undersized compared to Fessy.

Jordan said:

I knew I was going in, I was like, well yeah, it’s me. Cause there’s no way Johnny and Wes are letting me walk out of there, you know, with a red skull or even not going in when they see this is my worst, physically my worst elimination, you know with physics, with strength, with grip…

Pole wrestle is the worst elimination that I could get personally. So when I saw it was that, I was like, ‘F***. Alright, here we go.’ It was like, well shake that off and you gotta do it.

If Jordan could have chosen between Fessy and Nelson, he would have picked Nelson to face in the elimination. He said, “I would obviously want Nelson in that situation just, that’s 70 pounds less man.”

But it wasn’t up to him to decide his fate. Wes, Bananas and Mattie all voted for Jordan to face Fessy in Pole Wrestle.

A longtime wrestler, Jordan drew from his competition experience. He started wrestling when he was four years old, and he competed in the sport all the way to the collegiate level.  With his experience competing in different national and world tournaments, Jordan knew he had to get Fessy to the ground because all his power was coming from his legs.

He said, “My plan was on the whistle, go into him and do an inside leg trip and try and get him down but he’s so long and he posted his right leg so far back there that I just could not get him over past that tipping point. So once that went out the window I’m like ‘alright, well he’s not going down right now.’”

Jordan Separated His Collarbone From His AC Joint During His Elimination Match Against Fessy

During the second round of their Pole Wrestle elimination, Jordan injured his shoulder. He said, “Me and Fessy, we landed everything onto my right shoulder, and I separated my collarbone from the AC joint in the shoulder. It’s something that I’ve done a couple of times before on my left side, and this was the first time I’ve done it on my right. Right when we landed, I knew yep, that’s done.”

Jordan said, “As soon as we hit the ground, I just popped back up and ran back to the center because I knew we had to get it going again because this is about to hurt a lot.” He then said that the injury was ironic because Fessy’s football career was ended by that exact same injury.

The reigning Challenge champion was unable to score a point against Fessy and he was eliminated from Total Madness. Jordan tipped his cap to Fessy for getting the job done. He said, “I have to give it up to Fessy cause that is an animal. You know, he’s a beast, he’s a stud, athlete, so you know, welcome to the Challenge.” Jordan told Heavy that the day before the elimination, Fessy was “repping out 315 on the bench. I was like, ‘get the f*** out of here, bro,'” he laughed. 

Jordan Knows ‘Where He Stands’ With Johnny, Wes & Mattie

Jordan told Heavy that he respected the game move Bananas and Wes pulled off to get him eliminated. He said that throwing him in against Fessy in Pole Wrestle was the right game move for them to make. When asked if he holds any resentment toward them, he said:

No. Game on. Now I know where I stand. There never was a question where I stand with Wes, I know Wes doesn’t want me in a final. He’s smart, he doesn’t want that.

Johnny gave me my first, and up until now, only loss. So maybe we have unfinished business there. I would really like to run a final with Johnny. That’s the goal, that’s the dream set up. You’ve got the guy who has won the most and that guy who’s going to win the most.

Jordan Admits That He Got Complacent & A Fire Has Now Been Lit Under Him

Jordan said that his loss to Fessy has lit a fire under him, and Tori’s loss last week to Jenna has done the same for her. Jordan is focused on helping his fiance get her first Challenge win, but she wants him to get back out there for himself as well. He said, “She wants me to get back out there and prove to these guys that I am the guy.”

In terms of his Challenge career, he said, “I’m just getting started. The last time I lost and came back, I won three in a row. I will do at least that.”

Going into Total Madness, Jordan had won three Challenge championships in a row, Battle of the Exes II, XXX: Dirty 30 and War of the Worlds 2, and he told Heavy that he “definitely got complacent” and started believing his own hype.

He said, “I was like, yeah triple champ, three in a row. I’m good.” He continued, “So I feel that this was a great reality check, bring me down to earth. And now I just feel recharged, you know?”

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