‘Too Hot to Handle’ Francesca & Harry Update: Are They Still Together?

Too Hot to Handle Francesca and Harry

Netflix Too Hot to Handle Francesca and Harry

The latest Netflix reality show to take the world by storm is Too Hot to Handle, which put a bunch of super hot people together on an island resort for a month to see if love would blossom. The only catch was that they couldn’t so much as kiss one another or they would lose money from their shared prize pool.

The first season was a hit and spawned two couples, plus a couple breakout stars, like Chloe Veitch. So Netflix staged a reunion episode, with everyone video-calling in from their respective quarantine situations.

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago after the show wrapped, we have the deets. But be warned of spoilers.

Harry & Francesca Met Each Other’s Families


The couple told host Desiree Burch that after filming wrapped, they visited each other families.

“I went and visited her in Vancouver, I met her family. Her grandma’s the absolute best,” says Harry. They also got matching tattoos of lightning bolts on their fingers because “there’s so many sparks between us.”

But after Francesca came to Australia to see Harry and meet his family, they broke up for a while. A long while.

“She came to Australia and we decided that it was probably best to have a break for a bit because we weren’t seeing eye to eye on a couple things,” says Harry.

Eight months went by.

But Now They’re Back Together… And Getting Engaged

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Eight months after their split, Harry started drunk-texting Francesca and won her heart all over again.

“He sent me 50 videos of us just being cute and … honestly, when we broke up, I knew right when we broke up that we were going to get back together,” says Francesca. “I just knew that we needed time apart. So when I got all the videos, I got very nostalgic.”

She thinks that they get “stronger and stronger” every time they have a fight.

Quarantine has made things difficult. Harry is in Los Angeles and Francesca is in Vancouver. But they Facetime “like 30,000 times a day” and they’re “always sending nudes. Sorry, mom,” says Francesca.

During the reunion, Burch held their feet to the fire a little for their behavior on the show. Harry apologized to Francesca for throwing her under the bus to the rest of the cast after their first kiss, while Francesca said she regretted going on dates with Kori Sampson and Kelz Dyke.

Then Harry revealed that when the quarantine is over, Francesca is “looking at moving to L.A. and we’ve also been looking at rings.”

Burch freaked out and asked them if they were getting engaged, then Harry started to do it right on the spot with a ring pop.

“You’ve absolutely changed my life, I love you so much and I can’t wait to spend forever with you. Do you wanna do this thing? Do you wanna get married?” he asked Francesca.

Luckily, Burch stopped her from having to answer because the girl deserves a real proposal.

Then at the end of the reunion, Burch revisits Harry’s proposal with the ring pop and Francesca says, “Harry knows I wanna marry him, so, yes.”

But for real, propose to her in person and make it special, Harry.

Too Hot to Handle season one is on Netflix now.

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