‘What Is Better When You Break It?’ Riddle: Answer Explained


A new riddle is making the rounds on social media that asks what is better when you break it. This is actually a little trickier than it might appear at first glance, so read on for all the details.

What makes this riddle tricky is that it comes in several forms and the answer varies depending on what form it comes in. In fact, there are a few answers that could arguably be accepted.

One question simply reads:

What is better when you break it?

Another asks:

Break it and it is better, immediately set and harder to break again.”

Still another is worded somewhat differently:

What is more useful when it is broken?


What has to be broken before you can use it?

Ready for the answer? Read on.

Here’s the Answer to the Riddle

The answer to the riddle in its simplest form is:

A record. 

Yes, the answer to “What is better when you break it?” is traditionally a record. It’s definitely the answer to the question: “Break it and it is better, immediately set and harder to break again.”

The answer isn’t a record that you play on a record player, by the way. This is about a record that’s set, like the Guinness Book of World Records. A record is definitely “better” and “harder to break” once you’ve broken it.

However, one could argue that the traditional answers to the last two riddles in the first section (“What is more useful when it is broken?” and “What has to be broken before you can use it?”) could also be accepted as answers for “What is better when you break it?” The answer to those two questions is traditionally an egg.

Thus, if you answered any of the riddle versions with “egg,” you really could make a good argument for your answer being accepted. An egg is definitely better when you break it (although you’ll need to cook it first before it’s truly better.)

Other alternative answers for the original question include tamper-proof seals, the ground at a groundbreaking ceremony, or even a bad habit. I’d argue that “bad habit” is a really good answer for “What is better when you break it?”

Some might even say a “fast” is a good answer. A fast is undoubtedly more enjoyable once it’s broken (and you get to eat “breakfast.”)

Glow sticks would work great as an answer too.

In the past, this riddle has been used on the Question of the Day on Bejeweled Stars. Interestingly, people noted back in 2017 that they only got one stamp for answering with a sunny side up egg emoji (for “egg”) and two stamps for answering with a bread-in-toaster emoji (for “toasted bread.”) They also got two stamps for answering with a Champagne emoji.

Traditionally, however, the answer is “record.” But there are many other answers you can argue for that really should be accepted. This isn’t one of those riddles that has a simple and obvious answer.

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