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Viewers knew going in to the Blindspot fifth season premiere that someone wasn’t going to make it out alive. Show creator Martin Gero recently told Entertainment Tonight that “one of our main characters is going to meet their untimely end in this episode.”

But who is going to die? Read on for a live recap of the premiere episode, titled “I Came to Sleigh,” but BE WARNED of spoilers.

Blindspot Season 5 Premiere Live Recap

The action picks up with the gang in the cabin in Iceland. Reade (Rob Brown) takes a moment to confess he’s all in with Zapata (Audrey Esparza) if she’s all in. She teases him about only wanting her now that they’re on the run, but they clearly have strong feelings for each other, which they display by a quickie in the cabin.

Meanwhile, Rich DotCom (Ennis Esmer) is still being held by the FBI. Afreen (Ami Sheth) manages to track the team via Rich’s cell phone and the FBI is going to use a drone strike to kill them all. Weitz is horrified and calls them to try to warn them, but the cabin is completely annihilated with everyone except Jane inside, as she stares on in horror.

Suddenly, it’s two months later. The FBI is still tracking the team, but the team has gone into hiding — at least, those who survived the drone strike are in hiding. Newly-appointed Director of Federal Law Enforcement Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) threatens to fire FBI Director Weitz if he can’t track down the remaining team members.

Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is still working diligently to stay one step ahead of Burke. She heads to Prague to meet up with the team — Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), Zapata, and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) are all there, which means it looks like Reade is the one who died. But let’s not be too hasty about that because, on a lot of TV shows, a good rule of thumb is “no body, no death.”

But someone signaled them via a tattoo put up on some Times Square billboards and they’re trying to figure out who. But the message is that the Rich is being held at a CIA black site called “The Boat” where he’s being tortured by Agent Rafael Pierce for information about them. The team is going to try to rescue him and they’re on the clock because Rich is about to be handed over to North Korea.

It turns out Afreen and Weitz are trying to help the team from the inside, but they both admit they weren’t sending the signal in Times Square. So who was? Was it Reade, who is secretly alive?

The team figures out that their old enemy Sho Akhtar (Ajay Naidu) has intel on The Boat, so Jane and Weller head to Berlin to meet with him. He’s down to help them because he wants revenge on the CIA for killing his brother, Yan, but he has one condition — they must kill Agent Pierce during the operation. Jane says that’s fine. He also says Jane has to stay with him while the rest of the team runs the op. Either Agent Pierce dies or Jane does.

Back at the FBI, Afreen has to stop stalling and reveal some information to Burke — that the FTP site that created the signal in Times Square was accessed once and she has coordinates, so agents are dispatched to investigate. But Afreen sent the agents on a wild goose chase.

The team infiltrates The Boat and Weller finds Rich, but Rich won’t come with him because of the tracker Pierce put in his neck. Weller tasers Rich in order to short the tracker out, and they’re almost out when Pierce finds them. Weller says he’s not going to kill Pierce, but he needs proof of death, so he cuts Pierce’s hand off and gives it to Akhtar, who lets Jane go.

When they get back to their bunker, Rich asks about Reade and everyone looks sad, then Zapata says he’s not coming. But a flashback to the cabin shows us that Patterson took the call from Weitz and they all made it underground before the drone strike. But the collapsing cabin left Zapata pinned and Reade sacrificed himself to lift up a beam so Kurt could pull her out, then it crushed him. Zapata and Reade shared a moment and he seemingly died.

Back in the bunker, Zapata says they never should have run that op in Iceland, they should have cut and run. But Kurt and Jane insist that Reade wanted to finish this and clear everyone’s names. Zapata says now that they got Rich out, she wants to walk away. But who is sending them the tattoos? I still think it’s Reade, who will turn out not to be dead.

Meanwhile, back at the FBI, Burke brings in an “interdepartmental task force” (read: mercenaries) to track the team because Burke thinks Weitz isn’t motivated enough to find his former colleagues. They’re working in exchange for a chemical weapon Burke has promised them.

Who Died on The Blindspot Season 5 Premiere?

At the end of the episode, the team has a little impromptu memorial for Reade, so it looks like he’s really dead. But honestly, with this show… you never know, though Gero certainly made it sound like the death is permanent.

“The first episode is told in non-linear fashion,” explained Gero to ET. “We slowly piece together what happened immediately after that explosion and what the team’s life looks like — or the surviving members of the team’s life — looks like on the run. The NBC promos have been pretty clear that somebody will not survive, and that is certainly true. One of our main characters is going to meet their untimely end in this episode. It’s a very emotional episode, but it’s also a really fun episode. It’s just great to get the team back together.”

Gero also told TVLine that they built this season with a lot of twists and turns as a “celebration of the series.”

“We’ve kept a pretty tight lid on this season because the premiere episode has some pretty massive twists that we want to keep secret until it airs. In fact, since we’ve known this is our last season for about a year, almost every episode has a pretty massive shock in it, but we really built this season to be a celebration of series,” said Gero. “A long goodbye to our amazing fans. So you can expect tons of your favorite guest stars returning for one last episode along the way, huge action of course, and tons of emotion. The season is very different…the whole final season is about the team being on the run and trying to clear their names. They’re the ‘bad guys’ now. Operating without official cover, constantly on the run…it will bring the core cast of characters closer together than they’ve ever been. I can’t wait for you to see it!”

It sounds as though Reade is truly gone, but again — with this show, you never know.

Blindspot season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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