Undercover Officer Widy Jean Poses as Hitman to Trap Dalia Dippolito

Dalia Dippolito

Florida Department of Corrections/Facebook Dalia Dippolito

Dalia Dippolito‘s case became nationally known after her attempts to hire a hitman to kill her husband in 2009 were caught on camera and made public. The “hitman” was actually undercover detective Widy Jean. In ABC’s new episode of 20/20, there is an update on the case.

The two-hour special details Dippolito’s attempts to appeal the case and why she went to trial three times despite the evidence being on camera. The program includes interviews with Dippolito’s attorney and reports on how Mike Dippolito, her ex-husband, found happiness.

The special also features an interview with Jean, the undercover officer who posed as a hitman to catch Dippolito. The episode airs on Friday, May 15 at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central.

Widy Jean Posed as a Hitman to Record Dippolito

Jean was a member of the Boynton Beach police department, and he was posing as a hitman during the initial sting operation after getting a tip from one of Dippolito’s former lovers who said she was trying to get her husband killed.

In his court testimony, Jean alleged that the two arranged to meet in the CVS parking lot, and it can be seen in the released video that he asked if she was sure she wanted to kill her husband.

“I am determined already,” Dippolito replied at the time. “I am positive, like 5,000% sure.”

He also testified that “the expectation was the subject was looking for a hit man out of Miami” when he posed as that hitman.

He claimed that she asked him to kill her husband after her husband had gone to the bank to withdraw $10,000 so Jean could keep the money as payment, and she even gave him details of the bank and its address.

Jean Is Now a Sergeant

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Jean now works as a Sergeant with the Boynton Beach Police Department and has received the iHeart Freeman Injury Law First Responder of the Month award.

He was also featured in newspapers for being involved in a 2019 fire rescue. According to the article, Jean put a woman over his shoulder and carried her to safety. They rescued four people overall, and no one was hurt in the fire.

Most recently, Jean read a book called Giraffes Can’t Dance to a group of children for an initiative called “Storytime with BBPD,” in an attempt to relieve stress and tension for parents and children in light of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Jean is a former member of the Community Action Team specializing in narcotics, prostitution and gambling crimes. He left the force to work on his business in Georgia but later returned to working as a police officer.

Dippolito’s attorneys and legal team is hoping for a new trial after her 2011 conviction.

“Dalia is the most misunderstood woman in the United States,” Brian Claypool, her attorney, told 20/20. “The perception that people have in the world about Dalia does not equate with the Dalia that I know… She was never a career criminal. In fact, Dalia Dippolito didn’t even have a criminal record when this all went down”

Tune in to ABC’s 20/20 special for an updated interview with Jean and new details on the Dalia Dippolito case.

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