Did a Major ‘Below Deck’ Star Just Quit the Show?

Adam Glick

Bravo/Instagram "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" chef Adam Glick seemingly hinted he was quitting the Bravo reality TV show.

On the reunion of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, chef Adam Glick has left viewers believing he has quit the show. At the end of the reunion, Glick was asked what he regrets about the season and he said he doesn’t like to talk about regrets. As for what he learned this past season, he said he learned that he “hates yachting.” Bravo big wig Andy Cohen then said to him that he presumes this will be his last season of Below Deck. In response, Glick simply waved goodbye with a smile.

During the reunion, Glick was confronted about the negativity he presented during the season. He said that, although he didn’t like the way he was portrayed, he has no one to blame but himself. He said that he chose to act the way he did on the show.

Glick Said It Was ‘Very Weird’ To Watch His Scenes With Jenna Macgillivray

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RBF all day everyday 🤷🏼‍♂️

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One of the things that fans saw this season with Glick was his dating life with Chief Stewardess Jenna Macgillivray, which he told Heavy was “very weird” to see unfold. In realtime, he said things between him and Macgillivray weren’t easy.

“Jenna and I are working through the difficulties of having our relationship play out on TV,” he said, adding he wasn’t paying too much attention to it. “I don’t have cable down by the river so staying on top of the drama is difficult.”

Glick defended Macgillivray over some of the backlash she faced for her tense interactions with Second Stewardess Madison Stalker. “I feel for her, it reminds me of my first season so I know what it’s like first hand,” he told Heavy. “It’s completely unwarranted. She’s great at her job!”

In a separate interview, Macgillivray told Heavy that she tried to make things work with Stalker. “I really do feel like I tried with Madison and maybe it doesn’t seem that way, but I was really frustrated with the fact that you can see in all of our interactions that anything I was telling her to do about the job she rolled her eyes, she mocks the relationship with Adam and me,” Jenna said. “She’s really the only crew member that acts that way.”

“I know that Madison is a good worker and she could be good at her job, but there was so much negativity about her being there that it wasn’t pleasant to work with her,” she continued. “I’m not the only one who felt that way.”

Glick Is Dealing With the Coronavius by Cooking

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Fluent in isolation tactics.

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Glick told Heavy he’s been “cooking up a storm” during the outbreak and even compared the situation to working on a yacht. “Honestly, the coronavirus is similar to working on a yacht; confined spaces with limited access to food,” he said, adding he’s been cooking outdoors a lot.

Glick also has his own “adventure” kit for those who want to cook outdoors like him. “It has everything you need to cook outdoors, including folding knives and cutting board,” he said.

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