Watch Alan Silva’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Performance (VIDEO)

During week 5 of America’s Got Talent auditions, which aired on June 23, the night’s shining performance was AGT acrobatic silks act Alan Silva.

As the last act of the night, Silva got emotional sharing his story with the judges. He said that he grew up in the circus, but was bullied because of his height and told to be a clown instead of an acrobat.

From the start of his act, he had the audience and judges captivated and in awe of his strength and artistry. It was a truly jaw-dropping performance that showed off his talent with acrobatic silks as well as his showmanship as a live performer.

After Silva concluded his performance and the crowd’s thunderous ovation settled down, the judges took turns praising his audition. Sofia Vergara told him “Alan, I think that was the performance of a giant.” Simon Cowell said “What I love about you is that you are a natural performer, and it’s the best possible feeling when we meet people like you.”

While viewers watching at home might have been expecting Silva, the last act of the night, to receive a golden buzzer – no golden buzzer was pressed during episode 5. He did, however, receive 4 yeses from the judges, which means he will advance to the judges’ cuts round of the competition.

Silva’s ‘AGT’ Audition Was the First Time His Kids Saw Him Perform

Silva’s performance was an especially significant one for him because he had his wife and kids watching. Silva revealed that his AGT audition was the first time his young son and daughter got to watch him perform. His son cheered “Go Papa” from the wings before Silva began his routine.

Immediately after Silva concluded his stunning audition, his kids ran onto the stage to hug him. It was one of the sweetest moments of the night, especially since Silva’s toddler daughter did not want to leave his side and return to the wings with her mom and brother.

The judges warned Silva to hide the drapes and curtains in his home because after seeing Silva perform, they were certain his kids would want to be just like their talented father.

Silva Is the Brother of Alfredo From Former AGT Act ‘Deadly Games’

Before he performed, Silva revealed to the judges that he decided to audition for America’s Got Talent because of what the show did for his brother, Alfredo Silva of “Deadly Games.” Silva said his brother was in the audience watching his audition for moral support.

Alfredo and Anna Silva competed on season 11 of America’s Got Talent, but were eliminated in the semifinals. They returned to the reality talent competition’s stage for AGT: The Champions, and finished in the Top 12 (they were placed in the bottom 7 of that finalist grouping).

The danger stunt duo is known among the AGT fandom for their death-defying, knife-throwing acts. While their act is quite different from Alan’s, both brothers require a commanding stage presence and confidence in the face of peril in order to execute their performances flawlessly.

New episodes of America’s Got Talent air on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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