America’s Got Talent 2020 Spoilers: Who Made It Through on AGT 6/2

AGT Auditions 2

NBC AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Auditions 2" Episode 1502 -- Pictured: Divas and Drummers of Compton

America’s Got Talent episode 2 aired on Tuesday, June 5, featuring season 15’s second night of audition performances. The show’s judges, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum, voted on which acts were worthy of continuing on in the competition.

So, what happened during night 2 of the AGT season 15 auditions, and who made through? Read on to find out.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW. This post will be updated live as the episode airs.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Episode 2 Recap

After an exciting season premiere featuring incredible talent, the judges were excited to continue with another night of auditions.

The first act of the night was The Divas & Drummers of Compton. The group, made of members as young as 3 years old, was formed to raise money for its young participants to go to college. Their act involved a drumline and acrobatic dance team and was an inspiring and energetic way to kick off the night. The received 4 yeses from the judges, moving them to the next round of the competition.

Thomas Day, an NFL recruit, followed their performance with a cover of a song by Finneas. Although Howie voted no for Day, Simon gave him his third “yes” for his potential to grow as a performer in the competition.

After a slew of bad performances that the judges X-ed off the stage, it was Erin Byrne‘s turn to audition. She shocked the judges and audience, who were not expecting her to sing with her mouth closed as her talent. They rejected her, and told her to stick with economics; Mandel called her “a ventriloquist without a dummy.”

Dancer Frenchie Baby Cliffhanger overcame obstacles to chase his dream, and explained that his father kicked him out of the house because he wanted to pursue dance. He said his dream is for his parents to watch him in the audience at the AGT finals. Before sending him through, Cowell suggested that they call his parents’ to let them know he made it. As the audience started cheering his name, his mom gave him his “5th” yes over the phone – a very emotional moment in the night.

Usama Siddiquee, who gave up on medical school to pursue a comedy career in New York, also had something to prove to his parents with his audition. His solid set won over the judges and audience, especially when he cracked a joke at Simon’s expense.

After sharing the sweet story of accidentally burping during a performance and telling the judges that he wants to become a dentist, Kelvin Dukes sang a beautiful rendition of “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin. The audience gave him a standing ovation and Cowell said his audition was “pretty amazing.” Unsurprisingly, the judges unanimously pushed him through to the next round.

The Bello Sisters trio performed a jaw-dropping stunt act that showed off their strength and acrobatic skills. With their dad on-stage alongside them, the sisters earned their place from the judges in the next phase of the competition.

10-year-old Roberta Battaglia sang “Shallow” by Lady Gaga. The judges and audience were floored by her strong and mature-sounding voice; Sofia Vergara was so moved by her, she pressed her golden buzzer, sending Battaglia straight to the live shows.

Florian Sainvet‘s act, which focused on CD tricks, got him high praise from the judges, advancing him in the competition.

Jennifer and Daiquiri were the show’s first dog-trick magic act, and their skill and originality earned them 4 yeses.

Dance duo Simon and Maria, originally from Colombia, charmed the judges with their talent and stage presence. The judges “yes-ed” them to the next round.

The last act of the night was Bonavega. He performed an original song, which he said is “the story of [his] life.” At one point, he hopped up onto the judges’ table and danced across it; at another, he stopped singing to play an electric guitar solo.

11 Acts Made it Through During Part 2 of the ‘AGT’ Auditions

At the end of the night, 11 acts were passed through to the next round of the competition. Those lucky, talented acts were: The Divas & Drummers of Compton, Thomas Day, Erin Byrne, Frenchie Baby Cliffhanger, Usama Siddiquee, Kelvin Dukes, the Bello Sisters, Roberta Battaglia, Florian Sainvet, Jennifer and Daiquiri, Simon and Maria, and Bonavega.

Since Roberta Battaglia received the golden buzzer from Sofia Vergara, she does not have to perform in the next round of the competition. Her next performance will be during the live shows.

America’s Got Talent season 15 episodes air on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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