Angela Gutierrez Update on My 600-lb Life: Where is She Today?

Angela Gutierrez, My 600 Lb Life

Facebook Angela Gutierrez's season 7 episode of "My 600 Lb. Life" airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. Read on to see what she's been up to since her episode premiered.

Angela Gutierrez, who starred on Season 7 of My 600-lb Life, was one of the most controversial cast members of the season. Angela weighed 608 pounds at the start of her weight loss journey and was determined to shed some weight and regain control of her life. However, she inevitably dropped out of Dr. Now’s program, the second person to do so alongside fellow Season 7 cast member Jeanne Covey.

TLC is airing a re-run of Angela’s episode on June 24, so fans might be wondering where the reality star is today and what she’s been up to in recent months. The description of her episode, titled “Angela’s Story,” reads, “When Angela’s family is unable to accompany her on her weight-loss journey to Texas she is unsure what to do.  At the last minute, she reaches out to an old flame, Eric, who still has love for her and is willing to make the trip.”

Here’s what we know about the reality star, her journey with Dr. Now, and where she is today. (Warning: some spoilers on Angela’s story ahead! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you before the episode airs!)

Angela Dropped Out of Dr. Now’s Program & Claimed She Lost 120 Pounds After She Returned Home

Angela had already undergone weight loss surgery in the past and had lost a significant amount of weight, but after a series of unfortunate events which included losing custody of her children and a suicide attempt, Angela gained back most of the weight she’d already lost.

The reality star struggled from the moment she started her journey, having nobody to accompany her to Houston to meet with Dr. Now. She was able to reach out to an old love interest who still had feelings for Angela and was happy to come with her; however, Angela didn’t commit to Dr. Now’s program, so she never lost any weight while working with him. She inevitably dropped out returned to Ohio.

A few months after Angela left Houston, she had a Skype call with Dr. Now, where she claimed to have lost 120 pounds on her own. The doctor was skeptical and called Angela “delusional,” and she has since stopped updating fans on her weight loss progress. A quick glance at her Facebook page and TikTok account show very little change with the reality star’s weight since we last saw her on the show in April, 2019.

Angela Supports the Multiple Negligence Lawsuits Against Megalomedia & is Considering Filing Her Own

Megalomedia, the production company behind My 600-lb Life, is currently facing a series of lawsuits filed by several former subjects featured on the show. The first lawsuit was filed by the family of deceased cast member L.B. Bonner, who took his own life in 2018. Bonner’s family alleges “gross negligence” on Megalomedia, claiming the company failed to provide him with adequate mental health care while filming.

Nine other cast members followed suit and filed lawsuits, accusing the company of similar issues, while also claiming Megalomedia never followed through with covering the cost of medical bills as promised. Others allege the production company caused “emotional distress” to the subjects of the show for the purpose of ratings.

Angela hasn’t filed a lawsuit herself just yet, but she’s expressed support for the individuals suing Megalomedia. She told Starcasm in February that she was “happy” to see the production company taken to court and was hopeful that viewers would get a chance to see what really goes on behind the scenes.

“This makes me so happy to see that people will learn the truth about that show,” Angela told the media outlet. “It’s so sad it got to [Bonner] so bad that he took his life, but I 100 percent understand!” She added, “I would love to be part of that case to help that family tell the truth.”

My 600 Lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. You can find more coverage and updates on the cast and subjects here.

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