Angela Simmons Has a Stalker on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

Angela Simmons GUHH

Getty Cast member Angela Simmons attends WE tv's celebration of "Growing Up Hip Hop" Season 3 at the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture on July 20, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Growing Up Hip Hop TV personality Angela Simmons has dealt with a lot of drama through her time on the show, and she has been dealing with a stalker since 2016.

Simmons previously revealed that she was dealing with a stalker four years ago, but she has not mentioned the issue much since then on the show.

In tonight’s episode of GUHH, Simmons’ stalker threatens her safety, sneaking back into her life.

Angela Simmons’ Stalker Has Not Been Identified Publicly

When Simmons revealed to her sister that she was dealing with a stalker, Vanessa believed that it was just her being overdramatic and they were just a fan. Fans at the time believed that it could have been Yo Gotti or Mario Mims since Gotti has mentioned that he has a crush on Simmons.

Simmons, however, has said that Gottis is not her stalker, though he has sent her flowers before.

Because the stalker has shown up at both Simmons’ home in Los Angeles and her home in New York, her mother believes that her daughter’s social media posts may lead the stalker to being able to figure out where the GUHH star resides.

JoJo Confronted the Stalker

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On tonight’s episode of GUHH, an altercation between JoJo and Angela’s stalker will be shown. Since last week she told her co-stars her stalker had returned, they were already worried about her.

When her stalker decided to pop up outside an event, JoJo confronts him before Angela can arrive and see him. He has trouble, though, because the stalker brushes him off.

In the sneak peak, JoJo confronts a man whose face is blurred out on the show.

“How does my sister feel stalked by you, brother?” JoJo asks. “She said you flew all the way from Detroit to show up to her house unannounced. I just need to know, I just want you to know my sister feels unsafe.”

The stalker replies, saying that he just wants to take Angela out on a date.

“Like I said, I got an interest in your sister. She’s beautiful,” he tells JoJo in the sneak peak.

JoJo replies, telling the stalker he understands that, “but she just feels like she’s being stalked, you know what I’m saying?” He goes on to say that if it continues, it will need to be handled in legal ways rather than just with a confrontation, and they don’t really want to go that way.

The alleged stalker then replies that he’s not a dangerous person, but JoJo tells him that he still needs to leave. He is later seen in the store that they were opening looking at shoes. Once Angela shows up, he comes out of the store to talk to her, and she looks distressed.

Later, JoJo has a separate altercation with Lil Twist. Tune in to the show to see how the family handles Angela’s stalker and everything that happens with JoJo.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on weTV.

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