Are Josh Flagg and Josh Altman Friends Now?

Pictured: (l-r) David Parnes, Josh Altman, Tracy Tutor, Josh Flagg, James Harris

Bravo Pictured: (l-r) David Parnes, Josh Altman, Tracy Tutor, Josh Flagg, James Harris

This season on Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles, Josh Flagg and Josh Altman team up for sales though they have different styles when it comes to how to make those sales. They are not friends, though they are cordial when working together.

In 2015, the tension between Flagg and Altman could be seen on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During the show, Flagg called Altman a “scumbag” as a result of their longstanding feud.

“I think that Josh Altman is not an honest human being,” he said at the time. “That’s why I dislike him… He goes after all my listings. He’s a poacher… There’s more than enough houses to go around.”

They were always willing to work together, but they could not imagine being legitimate friends.

The Feud Has Been Going on Since Before 2015

On the show, the tension has been clear to fans as well. However, both men have been willing to work with one another when it comes to real estate deals. When it comes to actually having a relationship, Flagg said that won’t happen.

“There’s nothing to repair or not repair,” he said. “I can be cordial, but there’s no substance to our relationship. I like to keep my distance.”

In 2019 during an interview with Who AU, Flagg said they will never be friends when asked about it.

“No, but that’s okay. We are the same as we always have been. It hasn’t changed for a long time,” he said during the interview.

Altman and Flagg Team Up to Sell a La Jolla Home in the Season 12 Premiere

During the first episode of season 12, Altman and Flagg will pair up to sell a home in La Jolla nicknamed “The Razor.” The home is said to have inspired Tony Stark’s home in Iron Man and it sold for around $30 million.

The drama on the show isn’t scripted, however.

“People go, ‘Well, of course this is the fake. Why would they hire you and (Josh) Flagg?’” Altman told The Wrap. “You’ve got to realize that, because people are avid watchers of the show, I will go on listing appointments against Flagg, against [Harris and Parnes] and against Tracy — weekly. Because people say, ‘Oh, why don’t I just call all of those people and we’ll see who is the best out of them?’”

He continued, saying that’s why there’s always so much drama on the show. People always want to hire one of the real estate broker co-stars, but they aren’t sure which one they want to work with.

“Every week, I’m talking to my wife: ‘Guess who I’m up against again?” he said. “And it’s really just the four people.”

Altman also said he’s happy to be the villain on the show, though now that he’s a family man, it’s hard to maintain that type of status since people have started to realize that’s he’s “actually a good guy.”

“I love being a villain because a villain is not– a villain on a real-estate show is not necessarily a bad person,” he said. “It’s just somebody who is not doing the norm and who will do things that the other people on the show won’t do. So the ‘villain’ for me, it was more about being more aggressive than everybody else on the show, being more cutthroat than everybody else on the show.”

He told The Wrap that if they asked Flagg, he would say the same thing.

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