Ashley & Anthony on MAFS: How the Reality Stars are Coping With COVID

Ashley and Anthony, MAFS, Married at First Sight

Instagram Ashley and Anthony, stars of the hit reality series "Married at First Sight," gave Heavy an exclusive look into their lives in quarantine.

Ashley and Anthony, stars of the hit reality series Married at First Sightare currently featured on Lifetime’s spinoff series Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam, where they discuss the hardships they’ve had to face over the last few months while self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reality stars also shared their experiences in quarantine during an exclusive interview with Heavy, which includes some insight into their lives today, what they’ve been up to in isolation, and how they’ve been coping with the global pandemic. Ashley and Anthony also have some advice for future applicants on the show, and shared their own experiences with the MAFS experiment with Heavy.

From Netflix date nights to wine, take out and puzzling, the reality stars have been attempting to keep busy while focusing on their marriage over the last few months. Keep reading for details on Heavy’s exclusive interview with Ashley and Anthony:

The Reality Stars Had Their Lives Turned Upside Down by the Virus

According to the MAFS stars, their lives have been turned “upside down” by the COVID-19 virus; Ashley went from working full-time to being a stay-at-home mother, and though Anthony was still able to work, his job was severely impacted by the shutdown since most events have been canceled or postponed through the end of the year.

When asked how the virus has affected their daily lives, Anthony said, “It’s totally turned things upside down for us. Our schedules have changed, our work/life balance has changed. Ashley went from working full time to a stay at home mom. On my end work, has changed pretty significantly since I’m in B2B events and no one is holding events anymore.”

Ashley added, “I don’t think it has really affected our marriage. There has been both positive and negative changes! I haven’t been able to work which is not great but it’s been nice to be home with Mila every day and have more family time.”

Ashley & Anthony Have Been Focusing on Their Daughter & Enjoy Puzzling & Watching Netflix in Quarantine

When it comes to keeping busy during quarantine, the reality stars have their hands full with their daughter Mila, although Ashley enjoys the extra quality time their little family has had together. “Mila keeps me very busy! It has been tough at times but it has definitely brought us closer together,” she shared with Heavy.

Meanwhile, the reality stars are also attempting to keep the romance alive by planning a few Friday night dates after Mila goes to bed. According to Ashley, she and her husband enjoy getting dressed up for their own at-home date nights, which typically include take out, Netflix and puzzling.

“On Friday nights we have been ordering take out after Mila goes to bed and having at-home dinner dates,” Ashley told Heavy. “Sometimes we even get ready as if I we were going out! It’s nothing big but it’s a little something to look forward to at the end of the week.”

Anthony added, “We love eating a good dinner and finding a good show on Netflix.  We also have a huge 3000 piece puzzle we’re trying to finish. So we get wine and put some music on and puzzle until we can’t see anymore and then hit the sheets. Other than that we do have little at-home date nights here and there also.”

Both Ashley & Anthony Were Thrilled With the Outcome of Their MAFS  Experiment

Although Ashley and Anthony have been together for several years now, the reality stars faced the same challenges as every other MAFS couple on the show – marrying a stranger isn’t easy, although both stars agreed that it gets much easier over time.

“The biggest challenge is getting you know the person you are married to while navigating being newlyweds,” Ashley shared. “We have been married for almost 4 years so it’s definitely easier for us now but when the camera stopped rolling we did hit a few rough patches … thankfully we were able to overcome them.”

“The biggest challenge is not knowing them prior to getting married and then getting to know your spouse in a very fast paced experiment,” Anthony added. “Because of that you just miss things that you to meant ask or talk about. Eventually everything gets figured out. Regardless of the cameras, marriage is marriage, it can be tough at times, it can be amazing at times but all in all I’m happy where I am.”

Both Ashley and Anthony admit that their lives have changed drastically since they first met at the altar and were featured on the show, but they’re incredibly happy with the outcome of the experiment. “My life has definitely changed for the better I love my little family!” Ashley told Heavy, while Anthony noted, “Our lives have changed significantly! We have a family now. We love watching Mila grow everyday and it’s just an amazing experience being a father.”

Ashley Recommends Being Open-Minded if Applying to be on MAFS, While Anthony Suggests Being Open & Honest

As for potential applicants considering Married at First Sight to find love, Ashley recommends being as open-minded as possible, while Anthony suggests avoiding the show altogether if you’re not applying for the right reasons.

“The experience is so different for everyone,” Ashley shared with Heavy. “I’m so fortunate that it was an amazing one for us! I would tell future applicants to go into it with an open mind. In the beginning it might not be exactly what you expected, but if you put in the work you might just find your happily ever after.”

Anthony agreed with Ashley and added, “Married at First Sight is not for the faint of heart. If you go into this for the wrong reasons you will be found out pretty quickly through all the expert activities. Do it for the right reasons and be open and honest and be yourself.”

Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. You can find updates on the current cast members and more MAFS coverage here.

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