Are Bow Wow and Angela Simmons in a Relationship?

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Getty Cast member Angela Simmons attends WE tv's celebration of "Growing Up Hip Hop" Season 3 at the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture on July 20, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Season 5 of Growing Up Hip Hop has seen its fair share of drama, with much of that revolving around a perceived love triangle between Angela Simmons, Romeo Miller, and Bow Wow.

Though the two only briefly officially dated, Bow Wow and Simmons have a storied past, and it seems to be coming back up on GUHH. Angela and Romeo are also not back together.

The couple first met when Angela was 17 years old, and she says he has broken her heart countless times during that time. The first time they dated, the relationship ended because of Angela’s decision to stay a virgin until she was married.

“Our bond was like a Martin and Gina thing,” he said. “There will always be that question of ‘What if,’” and he continued, saying that their relationship ultimately didn’t work because of her decision to remain a virgin until she was married. He said he didn’t want to make that type of commitment.

Bow Wow Said He and Angela Are Just Friends

Fans want Bow Wow and Angela to give it another shot, especially after an apparent tension-filled season of GUHH. Bow Wow is currently vacationing in Miami, hanging out with multiple friends and multiple women. On his Instagram Live, he addressed fans’ desire for him and Angela to get back together.

“Y’all be tagging Angela Simmons all in my f**king comments,” he said. “Angela is not thinking about me. That’s my best friend in the world. I love her to death, but when I say I’m at peace and I’m living my life, I gave my heart to a girl and I went to jail over a b**ch that I gave my heart to. I thought that would never happen in life.”

He said that he also wants to concentrate on being a good dad, saying “I’m the best dad. My daughter loves me. She understands me, she understands my lifestyle.”

“This is why I’m single. And this is why I tell women I understand but I’ve done it. I’ve done the relationship thing, I’ve done that. And this is why I live my life the way I live my life. It’s peaceful,” he concluded.

Bow Wow and Angela Made a “Marriage Pact”

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Fans have reason to speculate about their relationship status after an episode of GUHH where Angela and Bow Wow talked about getting married someday.

After Bow Wow and his most recent girlfriend broke up, he sat down with Angela and talked about how he thought maybe he shouldn’t be in a relationship and said it’s a possibility that it’s just not meant to be for him, which Angela seemed to think was ridiculous. She said he says the same thing every time he gets out of a relationship with someone.

Angela told him he should take some time to himself and really get to know himself as a person, even taking the time to be celibate for “like a month.” Then, Bow Wow said they should make a contract.

“If your a*s ain’t married by 36, we’re just gonna get married and have a kid,” he said. That means they’d be married in just four years if they took the “contract” seriously.

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