Brittany & Yazan 90 Day Fiancé Update: Are They Still Together?

Brittany and Yazan, 90 Day Fiance

TLC Brittany and Yazan, stars of the TLC series "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way."

Brittany and Yazan, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Wayare already facing some significant obstacles in their relationship on the show. Yazan is a devout Muslim who wants Brittany to convert to Islam when she moves to Jordan, but Brittany is hesitant about converting.

The reality stars both lead very different lives and promos of the new season promise plenty of disagreements in their future. A clip from the Season 2 promo (below) teases a fight where Brittany snaps at Yazan in the car. “I’m American and I have my own culture. I’m American and I have my own culture. When you’re with your people, you do what your people do,” she yells, while Yazan shouts “enough!” at her repeatedly.

Knowing the difficulties the two are already facing in their relationship might have fans wondering what’s going on with the reality stars today. Are Brittany and Yazan still together or did they go their separate ways after filming wrapped up? While it’s too early to know for certain if they are still dating, we’ve got some thoughts on their relationship, but be warned: some spoilers on the June 22 episode of The Other Way ahead! 

Yazan & Brittany Got Into a Big Fight When She Lands in Jordan

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The June 22 episode of The Other Way features a particularly explosive confrontation between the two after Brittany lands in Jordan. As the reality stars are leaving the airport, Brittany greets the production crew with a hug and in the process, reveals a bottle of alcohol in her carry-on. Yazan starts swearing at Brittany and tells the camera crew that she’s disrespecting his culture by drinking alcohol and hugging other people.

“Well that was a nice welcome,” Brittany tells production before adding, “I’ve never seen him act like that and that was kind of scary to me. I just did so much and have already given up so much to come be with him, so for him to be acting like this, I’m not proud of his behavior at all. I’m actually very disappointed in his behavior.”

“Look at her, she is fooling me. F–k me, what an idiot I am,” Yazan adds during a confessional. “This is exactly what my parents warned me about. Brittany either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the traditions or the country that I live in. I risked a lot of things in my life to make this relationship successful.”

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It’s Unclear at This Time if They Are Still Together Today & Their NDA Contracts Stop Them From Sharing Spoilers

It’s unclear at this time if Brittany and Yazan are still together today. Contractual obligations to the network stops the couple from sharing much in terms of their relationship status while the show is still airing, and neither of their Instagram pages reveal anything about their love lives. Both of their pages are completely devoid of any trace of the other, so there isn’t much to go off in terms of social media.

However, based on the way things are going on the show, we don’t believe the reality couple will last, if they haven’t already split up. Knowing the hurdles the two are facing regarding religion, family issues, lifestyle differences and problems with Brittany’s divorce from her ex-husband, we don’t see a “happily ever after” for these two down the road, but we likely won’t know for sure until the season wraps up.

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