Captain Sandy Yawn is Opening a Restaurant in Jacksonville

Captain Sandy Yawn


Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean is heating up, but with the season being filmed in advance, the cast is free to work on other ventures in the meantime. Captain Sandy Yawn took full advantage of the offtime, purchasing a building in order to open a restaurant and bar in Jacksonville.

Yawn announced the purchase on Twitter on June 11, sharing a photo in front of what will eventually be the restaurant, writing, “SOLD! Working on the details & plans for my new project in JAX. Need a name for the restaurant & rooftop bar! And Go!”

Yawn is adding a venture in the restaurant business to her growing list of accomplishments in business. She has not yet committed to a name for the restaurant and bar.

Yawn Purchased the Building on June 7

According to Bravo and The Jacksonville Daily Record, Yawn purchased the 7,600-square-foot commercial building for $185,000. The sale went through on June 7.

Yawn has not decided on a name for the restaurant yet, though she is considering calling the second floor “The Chambers,” according to News4Jax.

Plans for the restaurant, which will be located in a former firehouse, include three floors. The second floor will be a private club, the rooftop will be a lounge, and then the first floor will be an open restaurant.

“Downtown Jacksonville is becoming a Superyacht destination! The history here is rich with a vibrant culture. I am personally invested in this city. My sister created her school for children with autism and has not stopped!” she wrote in a Facebook post. “I hope you plan a trip to Jacksonville and discover the beautiful waterways and culture that this vibrant city has to offer. I just bought a 106 year old firehouse downtown to convert into a restaurant with a rooftop lounge. Now the journey begins!”

Sandy Yawn Recently Revealed She Had a Heart Attack

Yawn has previously shared updates on her health and has opened up about past struggles including a motorcycle accident that led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor in her kidney, a battle with alcohol abuse and her girlfriend’s lumpectomy to remove cancer in her breast.

In February, the captain did an interview with PeopleTV’s Reality Check and shared the details of what happened to her a couple of years ago. She said that she felt “off” during her SoulCycle Class.

“I remember thinking I was going to clip off the bike so I don’t fall, I didn’t want to disrupt the class, and I certainly wasn’t going to call 911 in the middle of Beverly Hills,” she said. “So I decided to call an Uber, and then I called my sister — and I survived.”

She said her symptoms included not being able to swallow and her heart rate not going down. She also felt lightheaded.

“I didn’t have any numbness, then when I got off my bike and walked outside, I started to feel the tingle in my left arm, exactly how described,” she said.

Captain Sandy said she hadn’t opened up previously because she “couldn’t handle it two years ago, psychologically.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs at 9 p.m. on Bravo on Mondays.

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