Bugsy Drake is “So Excited” To Be Back on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Bugsy Drake Below Deck


This season on Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean has brought about a change in staffing on The Wellington once again. After second stew Lara quit, Captain Sandy Yawn brought in Christine “Bugsy” Drake to replace her, and Bugsy is excited to be back.

When Lara Flumiani couldn’t take being on the show anymore under Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier, the crew was left with a glaring opening that didn’t take long to remedy. Captain Sandy Yawn was quickly able to find a replacement, and it was someone who much of the crew including Hannah Ferrier and Malia White had worked with before.

Of course, Bugsy and Hannah previously had some bad blood between them, but they’ll put that aside and work together for the good of the guests this season. While much of the crew had mixed feelings on Bugsy’s return, Bugsy didn’t have mixed feelings. She was just excited to be back.

Bugsy Said She Was Excited to Return to the Show

While she didn’t leave yachting all together in her absence from Below Deck, Bugsy was extra excited to get on The Wellington. 

After Malia re-posted a fan’s message welcoming Bugsy back to the show with happy emotes, Bugsy commented “So happy to be back with you my girl.”

She also shared a photo after her return was announced, writing “I’m back and so thrilled! Let’s get this show on the road! Crazy adventure ahead! thanks for all the love!”

Before her return, she seemed to be teasing the fact that she could come back, sharing a photo from the deck of a yacht with the simple caption “Happy Monday!”

Bugsy Is the New Second Stew on ‘Below Deck Med’

Bugsy returned as the second stew, but it’s possible that she could return for next season as the Chief Stew now that it’s known that Hannah Ferrier won’t return for next season.

In 2017, Captain Sandy Yawn spoke about Bugsy’s talents and abilities when it comes to being a chief stewardess.

“She is a chief stew,” Yawn stated. “She’s a second stew on this boat. But she has chief stew material. People manage differently. I think that what Adam did was wrong. Because now he’s put this wedge in between Bugsy and Hannah.”

Adam Glick had said that Bugsy would make an incredible chief stew and he thought she should take over the post from Hannah.

“Bugsy should be a chief stew,” Yawn concluded. “No matter what. Particularly on this charter? No, Hannah’s the chief stew. We always have to do the right thing. My opinion is my opinion. And sometimes voicing my opinion isn’t the thing to do.”

Bugsy loves working in hospitality, and she recently talked about being chief stew and shared some tips, writing, “Although my day to day running is still extremely busy without guests on board, I wanted to take this time to also create a somewhat collaborative project with all of you.”

She continued, saying that she absolutely loved working in hospitality.

“I love to set tables, throw themed parties, whip up delicious and different cocktails and would love to reach out and play with new ideas or share with you anything you might want to know (tips and tricks for cleaning, setting up or entertaining your guests… no matter the location,” she added. “From throwing a boozy brunch to a more upscale dinner party) napkin folds, toilet paper folds, you name it and I will show it or try it and post it.”

Below Deck Med airs on Bravo on Mondays at 8 p.m.

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