Egypt Criss Quits ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

Egypt Criss Growing Up Hip Hop


The current season of WE Tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop has seen its fair share of drama and main cast quitting the show. On top of Master P and Romeo quitting, Egypt Criss has also left the show.

“I can’t be a part of something like this,” Romeo said on the show earlier in the season after a tense meeting with the entire cast including his father, Master P. “I’m not a part of it. I’m walking away.”

Other cast members reacted, with Boogie being shocked, saying “Ro said he quit. I think it would have been more respectable if he did it by himself instead of bringing his daddy along.”

Romeo cited producers cutting and editing scenes in order to create drama and push false narratives, and he even shared a video of him talking arguing with producers that ultimately led to the decision he made about leaving the show.

Egypt Criss Announced She Was Quitting ‘GUHH’ As Well

On her Instagram, Egypt Criss announced that she was resigning from Growing Up Hip Hop, citing some of the same reasons Romeo and Master P talked about. 

“I respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me or makes me happy,” she wrote. “It’s time for me to rise from the ashes from being falsely represented by you, the people I love most, which is why I have decided to resign from Growing Up Hip Hop #itsbeenreal #allgoodthingsmustcometoanend #movingforward.”

The announcement came on the tails of Criss fighting with Briana Latrise on the show. During the altercation, Criss reportedly hit Latrise in the face, but Criss has said that things did not happen the way they were portrayed on the show.

Criss Said The Way The Show Portrayed Her is Inaccurate

Most reality TV fans and viewers know that they’re not getting exactly accurate information about what may have actually happened, but the Growing Up Hip Hop stars who have quit the show have come out to say that they were being inaccurately portrayed by producers.

After the alleged altercation between Criss and Latrise, Criss tweeted about the show after seeing GUHH tweet about the hit being a “cheap shot.”

“Mmm cheap shot, show the raw footage and then let the audience determine that,” she tweeted at the time. She also tweeted, “Briana just tell the truth. You pushed me too far, I fought back and in result it left you dazed on the floor for almost 60 seconds after my fist knocked you through the glass door. #simpleasthat.”

When a fan asked her if she would really be quitting the series, Criss confirmed the news. She said she was leaving “because people believe and promote fake liars so yeah, I had to.”

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursday nights on We TV.

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