Was Evil Morty in ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4? Where Is He?

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One of fans’ favorite characters on Rick and Morty is Evil Morty. But was he in the finale at all? What is the latest that we know about Evil Morty now that Season 4 is coming to a close? Read on for more details.

This article will have spoilers for the Season 4 finale and the Ricklantis Mixup episode from Season 3.

Evil Morty Was Only in the Story Train Episode; He Wasn’t in the Finale

Although Evil Morty was featured quite a bit in the Season 4B trailer, he only appeared in the Story Train alternate universe. All the clips from the Season 4B trailer took place in the alternate universe and didn’t affect Rick and Morty‘s “real” universe at all.

And although Birdperson and Tammy appeared in the Season 4 finale, Evil Morty was not there. So no, you didn’t miss him. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the finale.

Here’s Where We Left Off with Evil Morty

The last time we saw Evil Morty was in Season 3 Episode 7.

Evil Morty was the new President of the Citadel. It was a shocking revelation that we got at the end of the episode back in September 2017. The episode was called The Ricklantis Mixup. 

That’s why when people saw the scene in the trailer from the photo above, they thought Evil Morty would be in Season 4. But this entire scene was from the Story Train and didn’t happen in the real universe.

There will be spoilers for The Ricklantis Mixup below. 

In Season 3 Episode 7, when we last saw Evil Morty, he had been covering his identity for most of the episode in The Ricklantis Mixup.

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The hints were all there. He was the Morty in the episode that was smarter than the rest of the Mortys and absolutely positive of his ability to win the election, despite the fact that the Ricks typically have an upper hand on the Mortys in the Citadel world. And then at the end of the episode, he calmly killed every Rick who believed he didn’t have true power and that they were going to stay in charge.

It turned out that the information one Rick secretly passed on to his former Campaign Manager was a message warning that the kindhearted Morty running for President was actually Evil Morty. In the end, Evil Morty tricked everyone — again.

The same Evil Morty music played for Ricklantis Mixup at the end, leaving no doubt that Evil Morty had taken over the Citadel and was now President.

So that’s where we left Evil Morty. He had taken over the Citadel and he was now President. So he’s still somewhere, in the shadows, not yet figuring into the storyline.

But since Clone Beth, Birdperson, and Tammy all appeared in the Season 4 finale, you can be certain that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland haven’t forgotten about Evil Morty. He will return one day when the viewers least expect it, and his return will be epic.

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