WATCH: Francesca Farago ‘Heartbroken’ Over Split with Harry

Francesca Farago

YouTube/Francesca Farago "Too Hot to Handle" star Francesca Farago fought back tears after she announced that she and Harry Jowsey split.

Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago fought back tears after announcing she and Harry Jowsey split. The couple famously connected on the Netflix dating show, where couples had to get to know each other on an intimate level. If they got physical, it would cost everyone money–and Farago and Jowsey led to thousands of dollars to be deducted from the prize money. Throughout the course of the show their relationship grew, and there was much more than physical chemistry between them.

After talking about getting engaged during the reunion, Farago revealed that the distance got in the way of their relationship. Farago splits her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver and Jowsey is from Australia, but moved to Los Angeles after the show.

Our Break UpFirst, let me say I am aware that this may not be the most appropriate time to posting this video. With everything going on right now I do not wish to come across as insensitive, by airing out my personal issues. But this has been taking a huge toll on me emotionally and I know…2020-06-16T21:51:16Z

“I’m just going to be honest with everyone. Harry and I are not together anymore,” she said in a YouTube video on June 16. “He decided to break up with me because he couldn’t do long distance anymore. I obviously was heartbroken. I did everything I could. I got to L.A. I was there for business. I was trying to work it out with him and it didn’t happen.”

It was Farago’s decision to announce the breakup. Jowsey didn’t want to because there had been rumors swirling about their relationship and he didn’t want to “validate them” by releasing a statement.

“In my head, I didn’t want to tell anyone because I thought we were genuinely going through a rough period and we were going to figure it out,” she said. Farago figured once she moved to Los Angeles things would get better.

Farago Was Expecting to Marry Jowsey

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All I want for my birthday today 💓

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She felt blindsided by the breakup. “I genuinely thought that no matter what we were going to end up together,” she said. “I thought we were going to get married.”

Farago said they were bickering, but she didn’t think it was enough to result in the end of their relationship. “There are things personally for my mental health that I cannot tolerate anymore. I cannot fake a relationship. I cannot pretend that everything is going to be OK,” she said. “So I just decided to come forward with this video and announce that we’re not together–and we’re not getting back together–because I need to solidify that in my own brain.”

Farago knew it was hard for her fans to hear to, and talked about how much she loved the fan accounts. “I’m really sorry that this is happening and I really wish it wasn’t but I can only tolerate so much and I need to move on,” she said. “The only way I can move on is by making this video and telling everyone.”

Farago Was Vague About The Split

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Mum & Dad 💕

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Farago was purposely being vague, not giving other details other than the distance caused their split. “It’s a very personal situation. I hope everyone respects that and maybe in the future there can be more explaining to you guys because I don’t want to leave everyone with a lot of questions,” she said.

“For me, I would have stuck by this person no matter what,” the model continued. “I would have never given up. But it wasn’t reciprocated and he was moving on and I need to do the same.”

Jowsey originally said he was going to address the breakup the following day, but issued a statement after the news started to go viral. “Sucks to see this turn into a reason to publicly beat down on someone,” he said on Instagram. “Relationships don’t always work out. It doesn’t feel right to be made a joke of especially to someone that you’ve loved.”

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