AGT Contestant Frenchie Babyy Shocks the Judges In Crazy Audition

Frenchie Babyy AGT

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Dancer and contortionist Frenchie Babyy took the stage during the second episode of season 15 of America’s Got Talentand he managed to shock and awe the judges.

The contortionist and dancer leaves the judges cringing and cheering, though they are intrigued by the performance enough to send him to the next round.

Frenchie, also known as Kidd Strobe, is from the Bay Area and started dancing when he saw a dance battle near his school. His parents wanted him to be a pastor or join the military, and they do not support his decision to become a professional dancer.

Read on to learn more about Frenchie Babyy on AGT: 

1. Frenchie Babyy Grew Up in a Strict Religious Household

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Though he knew from a young age that he wanted to be a dancer, he grew up in a strict religious household with parents who didn’t always support his dreams.

When he told his father that his dream was to be a professional dancer, it resulted in a big fight with his father that ended with “me leaving the house,” Frenchie explains in the clip.

“He closed the door and locked it. That was actually the last time I really, like, seen my dad,” the performer said.

2. He Started Learning How to “Bonebreak” at 15 Years Old

Românii Au Talent 2019 GOLDEN BUZZER – Kidd StrobeRomania's Got Talent 20192019-03-08T22:50:59Z

According to his website, Frenchie began learning how to “bone break” at just 15 years old and quickly fell in love with the art. He worked on his flexibility and began to expand his horizons after that.

Soon after learning how to bonebreak, Frenchie joined the legendary turf dance team “The Turffeinz” in Oakland, California. Alongside the dance team, he competed all over the world in dance battles.

3. Frenchie is Featured in Music Videos

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In addition to having the opportunity to share his talents with the world during competitions, he has also been able to show off in music videos, TV shows and more.

He has performed with artists like E40, G-eazy, Baby Bash and has been featured on Season 1, episode 4 of Empire on FOX according to his website.

The website also lists that he is in music videos such as “Ayo By Chris Brown ft Tyga, Boys and Girls By Will I. Am ft Pia Mia , Big Bank by YG ft Big Sean , Nicki Minaj , 2chains , Calm Down by G-eazy, Phone Jumpin by Dave East ft Wiz Khalifa, Ayy Macarena by Tyga, Rednose by Sage the gemini and more.”

4. He Has Competed on Talent and Game Shows

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Frenchie Babyy has competed on talent and gameshows worldwide. His website specifically states that he was on So You Think You Can Dance season 14, Germany’s Das Supertalent, and he was a semi-finalist on Romani Au Talent Season 9.

The website also states that he won Rob Dyrdek’s Amazingness episode 104 on MTV and had a billboard “all over the United States promoting for Essentia Water with company ‘Pretty Bird.'”

Frenchie has also been featured on The Ellen Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

5. He Puts Out Music Under the Name Kidd Stobe and Frenchiebabyy

The Most Flexible Arms In The World With FrenchiebabyyThe Most Flexible Arms In The World With Frenchiebabyy. Travis from iwonder TV went to LA to meet up with Kid Strobe aka Frenchiebabyy and see how triple jointed he really is. Frenchiebabby started bonebreaking and turfing as a teenager. Turfing is a form of American street dance that originated in Oakland, California. Kidd strobe…2019-12-05T16:14:36Z

Dancing isn’t the only type of performance Frenchiebabyy loves. He has put out music on Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

According to the website, he is a host on Loaded Up Entertainment and acts as one half of the dance company called DanceHustle TV.

He “loves to produce new content and interview different artists about their work,” the website reads. “He also loves directing and books models, dancers and entertainment for projects through FrenchiezSelection.”

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