‘I Had 5 Dollars’ Riddle: Answer to the Viral Puzzle Explained

5 dollars or pesos riddle answer

Getty 5 dollars riddle answer

A new riddle is making the rounds on social media that starts out with “I had $5” or “I have 5 dollars.” Some versions use “pesos” instead of “dollars.” The riddle then gives a lot of information and asks how much money you had. Here’s a look at the riddle, the answer and an explanation.

The riddle typically reads like this:

I had 5 dollars. My mom gives me 10 dollars, while my dad gave me 30 dollars. My aunt and uncle give 100 dollars. I had another 5 dollars. How much money did I really have?

Another version might read pesos instead of dollars, but the end answer will be the same. It may read like this:

I had 5 pesos. My mom gives me 10 pesos, while my dad gave me 30 pesos. My aunt and uncle give 100 pesos. I had another 5 pesos. How much money did I really have?

Ready for the answer? Read on.

Here’s the Answer

The answer to the riddle is 10 dollars or 10 pesos. 

This is the traditionally accepted answer, but not everyone agrees with it. Essentially, the riddle is based on tenses and not mathematics. It’s asking “How much money did I really have?” This is past tense. It’s not asking “How much money do I have currently?”

So basically, the riddle is asking how much money you had, not about the amounts that people give or gave. So you only pay attention to the two parts of the riddle that say, “I had 5 dollars” and “I had another 5 dollars.” (It’s the same for pesos.) Disregard everything else, and you have the answer. Only twice in the riddle were we told what you had, which was 5 dollars and then another 5 dollars. So the answer is 10 dollars (or 10 pesos).

Note that if the person accidentally words the riddle differently and asks “How much money do I really have?” then this changes everything. Then you’ll need to go in and add everything up: $5 + $10 + $30 +$100 + $5 = $150 (unless you argue that the aunt and uncle gave $100 each, which the riddle doesn’t indicate). In fact, that answer is explained by Brainly here for a version that asks “have” versus “had.” (The numbers are slightly different, but the logic is the same.)

But typically the answer is simply $10 if the riddle is worded correctly and asks “how much money did I really have?”

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