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Bravo/Getty Jessica More is an official cast member on "Below Deck Med" Season 5.

Jessica More is third stew on the 184-foot mega-yacht “The Wellington,” making her an official cast member on Below Deck Med Season 5. She’s working with Chief stew Hannah Ferrier and second stew Lara Flumiani, who caused trouble among the crew early on in the season.

Jessica worked various jobs, slinging drinks as a bartender in Las Vegas and dabbling in real estate before settling on yachting–and she’s definitely not used to seeing herself on TV. “It’s a little weird. I don’t think I really realized yet that I’m actually on TV,” Jessica told Heavy in a phone interview. “It’s like a dream.”

With “boatmances,” someone potentially getting fired, and Captain Sandy Yawn finding drugs aboard the yacht, Bravo has touted this season as one of the most dramatic. “I’m just excited as a lot of the viewers to watch the whole season unfold,” Jessica said. “It’s an intense and emotional situation.”

To find out more about Jessica, continue reading below for five fast facts:

1. Jessica Got Into Yachting Through a Friend’s Facebook Post

The “real world” wasn’t exactly working out for her and she decided to restart her life on a whim. She called it a “reality type of moment where I quit my job.”

That’s also when she got bit by the travel bug. On Instagram, Jessica refers to herself as “Wander Woman.” “I just started traveling,” she said.

During this time, a childhood friend posted on Facebook about yachting and it sounded “amazing.”

“I’ve been doing it for a few years and it’s just a fascinating career. We have a lot of opportunity to experience interesting situations that most people can’t be a part of,” she said. “It’s a very privileged career in that aspect. As far as Below Deck, I wanted to join because it was an added challenge.”

“I really enjoy meeting people and trying to figure out what it is that they like,” she continued. “I try to analyze [the guests] and give them the best service possible… For me, it’s a little bit of a human experiment and something I really enjoy doing intellectually.”

2. What Was Jessica’s First Impression of Hannah?

Hannah can be a polarizing figure on Below Deck. Captain Sandy brought her back for a redemption round on Season 5 and she’s had her share of sparring with other stews, but Hannah and Jessica didn’t have any problems. “My first impression of Hannah–not her per se–but I was very intimidated when I first met her,” Jessica said.

“I was nervous to get on her bad side but her and I quickly warmed up to each other. We had a great open line of communication,” she said. “[Hannah] was really witty and straightforward right away, which I actually appreciated.”

Jessica is also thrilled for Hannah to have a baby. Last week, the yachter announced she was pregnant with her first child. “I’m so excited for her,” Jessica said, noting Hannah will be an “amazing” mother. “I know it’s what she’s wanted and she’s gonna great. I mean, she’s already been a mom to cruises around the world!” she said.

3. Jessica Was ‘Shocked’ by Lara’s Behavior

Normally it takes some time for people’s true colors to show, but there was the confrontation between Lara and Jessica the first breakfast shift they worked together. “I was shocked,” she said. “It was definitely something that took me by surprise and I’ve never encountered.”

“I try to avoid conflicts, but if it seems like it gets to a point where it’s obvious and there’s an elephant in the room I will address it because I don’t like being uncomfortable,” Jessica said. “For me, my main goal and objective is the guest. So if attention with another crew member is interfering with that, I will totally address it because I don’t want that lingering around. I feel like it’s necessary. I already have enough stress.”

Lara and Jessica shared a cabin together and she knew from early on that something was off. “I bunked with her, yeah, you know I’m kind of energy sensitive so it was a little odd from the beginning. I honestly can’t explain her,” she told Cheatsheet. “We had a few interactions, but nothing I can recall. As a roommate, she was fine.”

As far as how Lara treated Hannah, Jessica told the publication, “I could never imagine treating my chief stew that way, ever.”

4. Jessica Was ‘Intrigued’ by Rob When They First Met

In her bio on Bravo, it says that Jessica went into this season looking for romance. She quickly warned up to deckhand Robert Westergaard, a native of South Africa and former model. Early on he talked about his mother struggling with alcoholism and dying. He said they toasted her with shots at her funeral, saying that was her type of humor.

He and Jessica quickly gravitated toward each other. “I was just really intrigued by Rob,” she told Heavy about what attracted her to him. “He’s quiet in a way and you can tell there’s a lot going on in his head. I think I just wanted to understand him.”

Things likely didn’t work out between them, with Jessica telling Cheatsheet “they always say ‘don’t screw the crew.'”  “It will get a little interesting, and entertaining … and steamy,” she teased. “It’s definitely a ‘boatmance’ that happened.”

5. The Vibe on the Yacht Was ‘Dynamic’

There are a lot of personalities on Season 5 of Below Deck Med, and Jessica said the vibe on the yacht was “dynamic.” “Everybody is completely different in their own way,” she continued. “Everyone has just such a strong amazing personality.”

While Jessica doesn’t have many complaints when it comes to yachting, one of the things that can be tiresome is the hours. “The long long hours can definitely be draining after a while,” she said.

Another thing that can cause problems is if someone has negative energy. “If you happen to have someone with a bad attitude in the bunch that’s definitely a factor,” she said. “That is difficult.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Below Deck Mediterranean on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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