‘Bachelor’ Alum Lindsay Yenter’s Heartbreaking Tragedy After the Birth of Her Second Child

Lindsay Yenter and Sean Lowe

ABC Beginning MONDAY, JUNE 8 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), join the rest of Bachelor Nation as we stroll down memory lane and relive the most iconic romantic moments and jaw-dropping drama on "The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever!" (ABC/RICK ROWELL) LINDSAY YENTER, SEAN LOWE

ABC is debuting a new series this summer where Chris Harrison takes a look back at some of the most dramatic and most romantic seasons of The Bachelor called The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever. The premiere episode, airing Monday, June 8, revisits Sean Lowe’s season, which aired in the spring of 2013.

Lindsay Yenter was one of the most memorable women that year because she showed up on the first night in a wedding dress, which is the kind of stunt that might get someone booted pretty early on. But she actually made it all the way to the finals, losing Lowe’s heart to Catherine Giudici, whom Lowe married and with whom he now has three children.

Ahead of Lowe’s episode of The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever, here’s what we know about Yenter’s life now, including her husband and children.

Lindsay Married Karl Swanson in 2015

In November 2015, Yenter and Swanson tied the knot after being engaged for a year. The couple met shortly after Yenter wrapped her Bachelor season, with the substitute teacher telling Life & Style in April 2013 that she was “very happy” because she “found love.”

“It’s crazy, once you’re done filming, you kind of realize what you want and it took about a month just to really mourn the relationship [with Sean]. After that, everything fell into place,” said Yenter. “I love where I live and I have a great guy in my life.”

She also revealed that she met Swanson through a mutual friend and he lived in San Diego.

“Every weekend, I am there. That’s why I’m not in LA,” Yenter said. “I’ve been going backwards and forwards. He’s actually my best friend’s boyfriend’s brother, so we have a little circle of people we hang out with.”

Lindsay and Karl Have Two Children


A year after they were married, in November 2016, Yenter and Swanson welcomed baby boy Kaden William. Then in May 2018, they welcomed baby boy No. 2, Liam Mark Rober. In an Instagram post from October 2019, Yenter opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression after her first pregnancy, and then how hard it was for her when her father died just after she gave birth to her second child.

She wrote:

This pic was taken a few hours after I had Liam, holding my 1st born worrying about how he would adjust to becoming a big brother, praying he had enough time being my only baby. I had struggled with postpartum my first pregnancy so I often felt like we were playing catch-up on our bounding. That was my biggest worry in that moment. I didn’t know what was coming. A storm was coming the following day, a soul-crushing storm. I would get the worst news a child could get ‘your father is gone.’

I crumbled, I faced my greatest fear and a lot more in between. Then I started to heal, I can even say I find true joy again. The grief has become apart of my life almost comforting at times. Today we were at the doctor’s because Kaden has a fever. While we were waiting for the doctor Kaden told me he watched race cars with his grandpa last night. His grandpa has blue eyes and a beard! Kaden said all of that on his own. He said his grandpa said he loves him and told him all about race cars. Kaden was too young to remember details about my dad. My dad had a beard, blue eyes and he loved NASCAR. I truly believe my dad came to Kaden in his dreams to comfort him. I’m so thankful Kaden was able to tell me about this, God is so good! My dad is still very much apart of our lives.

She then wrote about it again on May 25 of this year to mark the second anniversary of her father’s passing, writing, “I hate today. Two years ago, I was in the hospital just given birth to Liam getting ready to get discharged when my phone rang with the worst news I could have imagined. I had just spoken to my dad a few hours before he was fine; he congratulated me on the baby. I will forever hear ‘good job mable he is beautiful. I love you’ in my head. That was the last time I ever spoke to him. I didn’t know; we didn’t know… there was something wrong with his heart that would suddenly steal him away from us. He never got to hold Liam or kiss us goodbye. And I hate it.”

She added, “I pray that … Liam’s birthday won’t always trigger my grief and that the pain of my dad passing away right around memorial day won’t always feel like salt in the wound… But who knows if it will ever get better.. all that I do know is that my father was incredible and that he loved his family and country fiercely. And that brings me peace.”

The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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