Meek Mill and Trey Songz Feud Over Donating Money

Meek Mill

Getty Rapper Meek Mill feuded with singer Trey Songz after he asked Mill to donate money to charity.

Rapper Meek Mill feuded with singer Trey Songz after he asked Mill to donate money to charity through the #feedyourcitychallenge. The conversation was captured, in part, through screenshots shared by The Shade Room.

The spat started the day before when Songz posted to Instagram and wrote, “I challenge my boy @meekmill to the #feedyourcitychallenge bull a young God in Philly. Let’s go!!!”

Mill apparently did not reply to Songz, so the singer commented under a picture of the rapper holding cash. “Take some of them bands and accept the #feedyourcommunitychallenge,” wrote Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson.

Mill then listed the amount of money he noted and which causes he chose, saying in 2020 he gave $200,000 to schools in Philadelphia schools and helped raise more than $50 million for reform. “Don’t try me like that!” Mill wrote, tagging Songz.

Trey Songz Accused Mill of Feeling ‘Attacked’

The singer was confused about why Mill felt “attacked,” making an Instagram post that showed their interactions. “What you feel attacked?” Songz wrote. “I know what you doing for your community that’s why I challenged you. I’m at everybody to do they part and more, you included. Ima try whoever bout what I’m on right now. Feel how you feel.”

Songz took a screenshot of his comment on Mill’s post, and then made an Instagram post of his own where he explained why he challenged Mill.

So @meekmill apparently felt a way bout me challenging him to the #feedyourcitychallenge. He felt the need to tell me what he’s already done, hopefully not realizing I tapped on him because of how much I know he’s already doing for his community. That’s great you donated fam, that’s great you helping prison reform, that’s great you gave ya phantom. I’m simply trying to bring us together to further help our communities. You offended? Lol you got it!

Mill denied feeling attacked, he just didn’t want to be called out by Songz. “Nah I didn’t. Don’t try to put me on the spot wit that sideways s*** that’s not even no money like four racks… other artists telling artists to donate is dumb just handle ya business! Don’t try to put me on the spot,” he said. “Coulda kept this in the comments bro. I just ain’t feel your comment. No big deal.”

Songz claimed he reached out to Mill on two phone numbers and sent him a direct message. “It’s a challenge,” he said. “Same way I challenged Mustard, Fab, Trouble and they all accepted. We aint even sporta be at no kinda odds bout giving back. S*** goofy.”

The “Slow Motion” singer then moved from the spat, celebrating other artists who accepted his challenge, like Fabolous. “That’s LA, ATL, & BROOKLYN commitments. We working out details now! We stronger together than apart,” he wrote.

Social Media Users Help Mill’s Trend

Mill’s name became a top-trending Twitter topic on June 24, the same day of the feud, as some netizens discussed the exchange. Some poked fun at Mill, sharing memes of his possible reaction to seeing Songz challenge him.

One of the top tweets about the interaction had more than 3,000 likes.

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