Natti Natasha’s New Song ‘Que Mal Te Fue’ Takes on Cheaters [WATCH]

Natti Natasha's New Song 'Que Mal Te Fue' Takes on Cheaters [WATCH]

Getty Images Natti Natasha drops her new song "Que Mal Te Fue"

Natti Natasha has become one of the biggest female stars in the latin  urban music scene in less than ten years in the industry. She hasn’t stop working since she released her first album back in 2012 titled illumiNATI. Not even a global pandemic has been able to keep her from making new music. This month she dropped her new single and music video “Que Mal Te Fue” (You Did Badly). “I had recorded the song a couple of months before [the lockdown] because I’m always working, creating and recording”, said Natti to Kika Rocha in an interview with Heavy. “I love that song because it talks about that person – your boyfriend, husband or your partner in life – who is unfaithful and then they come back but you are not there anymore. You basically don’t have feelings for that person anymore because [he] cheated. So, it’s basically saying that I’m not here anymore for you”.

She is definitely there for her fans however. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Natti kept in touch with her fans through social media. She kept posting pictures and stories on Instagram and videos on Tik Tok while quarantined in her home in Puerto Rico. “Fans were asking me online ‘Natti when are you releasing something?’ So, I took my phone and I wanted to give them a little preview to see how people reacted. You never know”, she said about sharing “Que Mal Te Fue” with the world during the pandemic. “So, I was in my house and uploaded on Tik Tok. So many people from different ages, kids, adults reacted to it. Hours after I posted I saw girls – all ages – reenacting the video”.

The clip went viral and in less than a day it reached 5 million likes. “So, I figured this is what people need during this quarantine. You need music to escape, that how it is for me”, she added.

On June, Natti released her new music video “Que Mal Te Fue” and it was a hit. It had 17 million views when we published this story. “This video is an empowerment not only for girl but for everyone”, said Natti, “A lot of us have dated that guy who cheated and wants to come back, but you don’t want to be there for him anymore. This is an empowerment message. That you don’t have to stay with that person, you don’t have to summit to whatever they want. [He] can’t come back saying sorry… you have to move on”.

Natti might even be moving on to directing her own music videos. This video marks her debut as a video music director since she had to film herself using her cell phone. “It was the first time doing something like this after huge production of [music] videos. This was definitely different but I loved it”, said Natti.

Natti Natasha – Que Mal Te Fue [Official Video]Escucha el playlist oficial de Pina Records: La Formula: Suscríbete : Natti Natasha – Que Mal Te Fue [Official Video] 🎵 Stream/Download "ilumiNATTI" Spotify: iTunes: Playlists By Natti Natasha ➤ilumiNATTI : ➤Official Videos: ➤Lo Mejor: ➤Natti Natasha Live: Mira otros éxitos de Natti Natasha aquí 👇 😈Pa…2020-06-01T02:36:04Z

Now, we have to wait for the release of her new album. Natti didn’t reveal who will be collaborating with her in this new album but we should expect a big surprise. “One of the new collaboration is my dream collaboration, I can’t wait for everyone to see it”.

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