Nick Cordero Misses Son’s First Steps: ‘It’s Heartbreaking,’ Wife Says

Amanda Kloots son Elvis

Instagram Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero's son takes his first steps on June 16.

Nick Cordero, 41, miraculously woke up after being in a medically induced coma for six weeks due to complications from coronavirus, but the Broadway star’s journey back to health continues to be an uphill battle. While his wife, celebrity fitness trainer Amanda Kloots continues to update fans on Cordero’s health via Instagram, on Tuesday, her big news was about their son, Elvis Eduardo.

Kloots posted a video of Elvis, who recently celebrated his 1st birthday, with the caption, “We have a WALKER!!!” In the sweet clip, Kloots says, “Ready? One… two… okay, walk to mama!” Elvis then gets up on his own and successfully starts walking with a huge smile on his face.

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We have a WALKER!!!!!

A post shared by AK! ⭐️ (@amandakloots) on Jun 16, 2020 at 7:48pm PDT

While this was a joyous occasion for Kloots, it was also bittersweet. While Elvis took his first steps on June 16, his father was spending his 76th consecutive day in the Intensive Care Unit at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Around 10: p.m. PT on Tuesday night, Kloots said, “Of course, my mind went to Nick missing that moment. And that wasn’t easy. You know, my status right now is that I’m getting emotionless. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not giving up hope or positivity for Nick. Not at all. Not even close. It’s just going on 77 days… and it is a lot.”

“I think about him laying there, and I just am devastated,” Kloots continued. “And I see our boy, just the cutest little thing, growing up and doing all these firsts and Nick missing them and it’s heartbreaking.”

As for Cordero’s current health status, no news was good news. “He’s still fighting,” Kloots said. “He’s awake. He’s not very active. There’s not much going on. But he’s there. His eyes are open and he’s looking up and down and answering questions. He’s there.”

Despite CT Scans That ‘Did Not Look Pretty,’ Kloots Continues to Hope & Pray for a Miracle

On June 12, Kloots shared that she had both good news and bad news concerning Cordero’s health on Friday afternoon. She said that his “white blood count is down which is great. The lower, the better. And we are seeing some inflammation going down, but we’ll have more information on that Wednesday.”

As for the bad news, “The CT scan is not the prettiest, unfortunately,” Kloots said. “But the doctor who’s been with him since Day One, told me today that despite a not pretty CT scan, that the lungs are amazing and to just keep thinking about all the options we have to get him stronger.”

The doctor also insisted that Kloots not to give up hope. “He’s seen lungs recover,” she said. “You don’t know the functionality of things based on a picture.”

Cordero Did Not Have Any Underlying Health Conditions Prior to Contracting COVID-19

Cordero, a Tony Award-winning actor who starred in the Broadway musicals Waitress and Rock of Ages, spent 42 days in the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai hospital and needed his right leg amputated due to blood clots. He did not have any underlying health issues, according to Kloots.

On Day 75, Kloots posted a selfie on Instagram to remind everyone that coronavirus hasn’t disappeared and that her husband stands a cautionary example for those who think COVID-19 won’t affect them badly if infected.

She wrote, “This is my reminder to you to stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, and don’t leave your home unless you have to. You don’t want this virus. You don’t want your loved one to get this virus. It’s still here and unfortunately increasing again. I never thought Nick or I would get COVID and we both thought [if] we did, we would be able to stay at home and recover.”

Kloots, who’s been married to Cordero since 2017, wrote on Instagram:

Nick is 41 years old. He had no pre-existing health conditions. We do not know how he got COVID-19, but he did. He went to the ER on March 30th and intubated on a ventilator on April 1. Since then has he has suffered an infection that caused his heart to stop, he needed resuscitation, he had two mini-strokes, went on ECMO, went on dialysis, needed surgery to [remove] an ECMO cannula that was restricting blood flow to his leg, a [fasciotomy] to relieve pressure on the leg, amputation of his right leg, an MRI to further investigate brain damage, several bronchial sweeps to clear out his lungs, a [sepsis] infection causing septic shock, a fungus in his lungs, holes in his lungs, a tracheostomy, blood clots, low blood count and platelet levels, and a temporary pacemaker to assist his heart. This disease does not only [affect] old people. This is real. A perfectly healthy 41-year-old man!

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