Pauly D & Vinny Guadagnino vs. Their Ex-Girlfriends on ‘Double Shot’

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MTV Things are awkward between Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino vs. their ex-girlfriends on Season 2 of "Double Shot at Love."

Things are awkward between Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino vs. their ex-girlfriends on Season 2 of Double Shot at Love. The guys have to mend some broken bridges after the first season. Pauly and ex-girlfriend Nikki Hall split after Pauly wasn’t able to emotionally open up, but things turned sour when the Jersey Shore star blocked her on social media. Vinny didn’t pick ex-fling Maria Elizondo, instead going with contestant Alysse Joyner.

There was plenty of tension when they all connected, and the guys decided to talk to each other’s girls–like they were in high school–to try to smooth things over, as shown in an exclusive clip obtained by Entertainment Weekly. Vinny asked Nikki to step aside and Pauly asked to talk to Maria.

Nikki Was Still Mad at Pauly

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Nikki wasn’t please. “Pauly, if you want to come talk to me, come talk to me yourself,” she told MTV cameras during a confessional on Thursday’s episode. Vinny was obviously uncomfortable talking to Nikki, awkwardly telling her that he hadn’t said hi to her yet so he wanted to greet her. “Welcome to Vegas, sorry I’m awkward,” he said.

Realizing he was being aloof, he told Nikki she should have a conversation with Pauly, but she was not interested. “Don’t be bitter,” he told her.

“You’re basically asking me to forget about what happened and be a bigger person?” Nikki asked.

Vinny told her it wasn’t about anything that happened in the past, but since they were all in Vegas together they should try to make things not awkward. “I just want to erase that tension,” he added. “It’s like this little grey cloud.”

Nikki wasn’t interested in making nice, especially since Pauly had six months to reach out to her. “Like, you’re a man. Maybe say, ‘Sorry,’ and mean it,” she said.

When Vinny took that as Nikki saying she was ready to sit down with her ex, she shut him down. “I don’t really have good news for Pauly,” Vinny said in a confessional. “Unfortunately, he’s f***ed.”

Maria Is Ready to Sit Down with Vinny

The meeting between Pauly and Maria went much differently, even though Pauly was afraid Maria would get upset. She laughed it off and said she doesn’t have a temper, but Pauly remembered her yelling at the reunion. “When Maria said she doesn’t get mad, I was like, huh? Cause I remember her at the reunion,” he said.

While talking to her, Pauly got straight to the point. “Hear me out,” he said. “I think that maybe you should talk to Vinny. Be better.”

Maria had less resentment than Nikki. “When it comes to Vinny, I seriously do not like have any hatred or anything toward him. I said some things because I was mad and that’s just how I am, I’m going to show my emotions,” she said.

Pauly agreed with her. “Of course. I would never take that away from anybody. You’re entitled to that,” the DJ said.

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