Pineapple Hill Grill is Rescued on ‘Bar Rescue’

Bar Rescue Pineapple Social House


Tonight on Paramount Network’s Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and the crew travel to Pineapple Hill Grill, now Renz Social house, to see if they can save a failing business and keep it from going under.

According to the episode synopsis for the episode, which is titled “Fear and Molding on Pineapple Hill,” Taffer “usually finds himself in direct confrontation with drunken owners and unruly staff, not to mention, atrocious drinks and bar chows. His trip to Pineapple Hill is no different.”

The rescue and renovation took place in late February 2020, leaving the restaurant to be shut down for a day in order for the changes to take place. During the makeover, the name was changed to Renz Social House.

Renz Social House Was Closed For Months Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Soon after the Bar Rescue updates, Renz Social House had to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic and government regulations. They have since reopened with a limited menu.

During the sneak peek for the episode, Taffer and his surveillance team witness a number of issues with the restaurant. One of the biggest issues he sees is that there is mold on some of the food in the kitchen, and the way the sneak peek was cut, it looks like the chef was planning on serving a portion of the spoiled food, though it’s unlikely that that is the case since it is later seen in the garbage.

When asked why he’s mad, Taffer yelled, “Because you’re gonna f**king kill somebody, that’s why!”

It can also be heard that someone tells the cook he’s the worst cook they have ever worked with, and Taffer is seen yelling at him, asking if he put on gloves or washed his hands before handling the food. It’s then seen that Taffer tells the owner that he would not return if “he is still here.”

Reviews for Pineapple Hill Grill and Renz Social House are Generally Positive

Since the renovation, the two reviews for Renz Social House on Google are 5-star reviews. On Yelp, there are 12 reviews for Renz Social House with an average of three stars.

On Google, one of the recent reviews mentions missing Pineapple Hill. “Missing Pineapple Hill but this is fine. Service is always good and the karaoke is still there. I’m ok with that. It’s clear Bar Rescue could’ve done more but I’m happy. Still probably the best bar in the area that’s for sure.”

Another user on Google wrote, “They used the time they were closed to do some big upgrades. The best thing is they updated the bathrooms! They are absolutely gorgeous! They redid the floors and just added the finishing touches to the updates that were made earlier this year.”

Users on Yelp mention the renovations, though people are split on whether they like it or not. One user wrote, “Disappointed changes since this place was renovated. I truly hope that when they reopen they revert back to when they were Pineapple! The new menu is horrible!”

Another wrote, “Still love the place after the Bar Rescue changes. More current karaoke library, decor is modernized. Haven’t tried the new menu yet, but drinks are still great and the bartenders, servers, and KJ’s are still friendly and accomodating.”

The Facebook pages for the restaurant have not been updated recently, and the link to the website is not active at the time of writing.

Tune into Bar Rescue to see all the changes made during Bar Rescue. 

Bar Rescue airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on the Paramount Network.

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