Rapper Ice Cube Receives Backlash for Tweeting Anti-Semitic Images

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Getty Ice Cube speaks onstage during the REVOLT X AT&T event in Los Angeles on October 27, 2019.

Rapper Ice Cube tweeted out numerous controversial messages on Wednesday, including images that appear anti-Semitic in nature. Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, shared on Twitter the image of the Black Cube of Saturn inside the Star of David.

The Black Cube of Saturn is a hexagonal cloud pattern above Saturn’s north pole that is 20,000 miles wide, and inside this cube is a forever churning storm, according to Science Alert. A Saturnian cult conspiracy theory claims ancient astrologists link Saturn with Satan. The 666 reference stems from Saturn being the sixth planet in the solar system, with a six-sided north pole, and despite that there seven planetary rings, only six are well-defined, according to Alien Nation Corporation.

The conspiracy theory links Saturn/Satan with Jews because they observe the Sabbath on the sixth day of the week, calling it Shabbat, which is Hebrew for Saturday, and whose religious symbol, the Star of David, having six sides.


Shlomo Sela shared an essay on the Saturn/Sabbath conspiracy series. He wrote:

Prominent Roman historians such as Tacitus (56–120 CE) and Cassius Dio (ca. 155–after 229), as well as Church fathers like Augustine (354–430), acknowledged a special link between Saturn and Saturday, the holiest day of the week for the Jews. That Jewish society of the talmudic period recognized the same association is shown by the fact that the Babylonian Talmud (Shabbat 156a) refers to Saturn as Shabbetai, i.e., the start of Shabbat (Saturday). Greek and Arab astrology, however, considered Saturn to be the most malignant of the seven planets; and thus the Jews, astrologically governed by Saturn, were considered to be contaminated by the planet’s wicked nature.

Heavy has reached out to Cube’s representatives for a comment or response to the backlash concerning his recent tweets but didn’t immediately receive a response.

Why The Elite Worship Saturn – The Black Cube EXPOSED!December 25th aka Christmas is not actually Jesus Christ 's birthday and the bible does not mention his birth date at all. The elites are simly using December 25th as a day to spread the worship of Saturn throughout the whole world! We have all unknowingly participated in esoteric Saturn worship for thousands of years!…2015-12-06T23:05:11Z

This wasn’t the first time Ice Cube tweeted an image that appeared to be anti-Semitic in nature. On June 6, the rapper shared a picture of a mural painted by artist Mear One on a building in London’s East End in 2012. The painting, which features a table of Jewish bankers playing a game of monopoly on a table held up by naked black and brown men, was deemed offensive and scrubbed away, the Guardian reported.

While at first Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn supported the mural as free speech in public art, he later recanted his statement. Corbyn said, “I sincerely regret that I did not look more closely at the image I was commenting on, the contents of which are deeply disturbing and antisemitic. The defence of free speech cannot be used as a justification for the promotion of antisemitism in any form. That is a view I’ve always held.”

Cube defended his choice to tweet the mural. He tweeted, “Very concerned about the table in this image.”

Mear One also responded to the backlash Cube received and defended his art. He tweeted, “This is completely not true. Stop weaponizing my art. You have been mislead.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Condemned Ice Cube’s ‘Death Certificate’ Album in 1991

Ice Cube

GettyIce Cube performs during the BIG3 Championship at the Barclays Center on August 24, 2018.

On Cube’s 1991 song “No Vaseline,” he raps, “It’s a case of divide and conquer, ‘cause you let a Jew break up my crew,” in which he’s referring to musical group N.W.A.’s former manager, Jerry Heller. The lyrics, which include Cube saying of Heller, “Get rid of that devil, put a bullet in his temple,” were condemned by the human rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center, as were the lyrics featured in the song “Black Korea.”

As reported in The Los Angeles Times, Rabbi Abraham Cooper said of Cube’s lyrics that advocate killing, “I know that recording artists these days like to use the excuse that their music reflects reality, but this record is dangerous. This is not a just theoretical issue here. Ice Cube is advocating violence against other ethnic minorities and given the climate of bigotry in the 1990s, we consider this kind of material a real threat.”

In response, Cube said, “I’m not against Jews in either of those songs. I’m just doing what they do in the media. When they describe someone they often say he’s black or Korean or Muslim. That’s all I’m doing. Saying he’s a Jew doesn’t mean I don’t like Jews or I’m using a negative. I don’t like (Heller), but it’s not because he’s Jewish.”

Cooper and Cube have since found peace. As reported by The Jewish Journal in 2017, Cube was invited to emcee the Simon Wiesenthal Center/Museum of Tolerance National Tribute Dinner to honor Ron Meyer, vice chairman of NBC Universal. Meyer personally requested that Cube host the event.

“It was an opportunity to close a circle that was a long time in the making,” Cooper said. “We did a schmooze before the event.”

Twitter Had a Strong Reaction to Cube’s Tweets on Wednesday

While Cube tweeting out controversial images is nothing new for the rapper, sharing anti-Semitic symbols amid the Black Lives Matter protests caught the attention of thousands of Twitter users on Wednesday, causing his name to trend nationally.

Ice Cube Also Tweeted Out A Meme From a Russian Propaganda Website

Cube also tweeted out a meme from Black Matters, a site that was revealed to be fake news front created by Russian propaganda, The Daily Beast reported.

The outlet said “Black Matters” was once thought to be a nonprofit news resource before the website and the group’s Facebook page was outed to have been purposely created to manipulate Americans by Russian hackers.

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