‘Rick and Morty’: Did the Pocket Mortys Promo Reveal the True Clone Beth?

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We learned a lot more about Beth’s clone saga on the Season 4 finale of Rick and Morty. And an extra revelation might have been hidden in the Pocket Mortys promo. Read on to learn the theories and revelations.

This article will have spoilers for the Season 4 finale: Season 4 Episode 10.

Here Are All the Hints About the Clone Beth’s Identity

In the Season 4 finale, we learned that Beth really was cloned by Rick. During the Season 3 finale, Beth had a bit of an existential crisis and couldn’t figure out whether or not she was really Beth or a clone. She reasoned that if she was a clone, Rick wouldn’t even tell her because if she ever gained sentience, he’d have to eliminate her.

In the second-to-last episode of Season 3, Beth realized that she was just like her dad. Rick told her that she was now free to have whatever life she wanted. She could stay and know that she chose this, or he could make a perfect clone of her and she could leave and do whatever she wanted. If she left, her clone would be just like her and love and take care of her family.

Beth looked at photos of her children and Jerry on the refrigerator and said that she knew exactly what she was going to do. The next time we saw her, she was happily ordering pizza for Morty and Summer. She even told Rick that she loved him, which was something she had difficulty expressing earlier in the episode.

Now in the Season 4 finale, we have learned that one of the two Beths really is a clone. And when Beth said that she knew what she was going to do, it was actually forcing Rick to make the decision. She asked Rick to decide if he wanted her to stay or not.

Rick had hidden the true information about which Beth was real in a Mind Blower, and even hid the information from himself by putting a “bomb” in each Beth’s neck. Even his own scan wouldn’t reveal the truth. When he watched the Mind Blower, he saw that he turned his back while cloning Beth so he wouldn’t know her true identity. But one can only assume that by watching that video, Present Rick was able to determine which Beth was which. And the determination led him to believe that he is indeed a terrible father.

So which Beth is the “real” Beth?

Pocket Mortys Promo May Have Revealed a Secret

The Pocket Mortys promo left us with a hint that Space Beth may be the clone.  Alert Redditors quickly discovered this after the season finale.


Yes, apparently in the Pocket Mortys promo, Space Beth’s character is called “Clone Beth.” You can see a screenshot below, provided by u/Lunenfeld in this Reddit thread.

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So some people are taking this as canon and a revelation as to which Beth is real. This would mean that Rick did indeed send the real Beth away, thus why he called himself a terrible father.

Back in the Season 3 finale, we had other hints that the “home” Beth was a clone.

  • She used vocabulary and words she doesn’t normally use (as Summer pointed out.)
  • She was suddenly OK with Summer wearing revealing clothing. (And she and Summer got a long much better.)
  • She loves Jerry again, even though she remembers hating the date where he kissed her. (But in the Season 4 finale, Rick explained that either Beth would likely go back to Jerry.)

When Heavy had a poll about the two Beths last season, 57.9% voted that the Beth who stayed home was a clone and the real Beth had left.

Still, the show could leave us with a twist and introduce a third Beth who showed up on the Mind Blower memory after we switched to watching Rick’s reaction. There could be any number of twists involved with clone Beth.

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