Scott Campbell Jr.’s Back Injury on Deadliest Catch: Update on His Health Today

Scott Campbell Jr.

Instagram via Scott Campbell Jr. Scott Campbell Jr. underwent surgery for kidney stones in 2019.

Fans of Deadliest Catch were happy to see Scott Campbell Jr. make his return to the reality show for season 16, after taking time off due to a back injury that required surgery.

So, how is Campbell doing today? Here’s what we know about his most recent health updates:

Campbell Has Had Multiple Surgeries on His Back

According to Distractify, Campbell’s long withstanding back injury motivated his decision to retire from captaining the Seabrooke, since it made his time on the ship excruciatingly uncomfortable. In March 2015, Campbell announced his retirement on Instagram, writing in a caption, “This is what long months on the Bering Sea will do to Ya!!! Glad to be headed home and enjoy retirement. Ya you read it right.”

Months later in June, Campbell revealed that he had surgery on his back. On Instagram, he wrote, “I would just like to thank David Yam my neurosurgeon and @NuVasive for once again putting me back together. On June 22nd I had C5-C6 disc replacement this recovery time will be a lot less than last time. I am so thankful for my wonderful wife Lisa who always stands by side and takes care of me, it is great to have a personal nurse. This summer will definitely be more laid back than originally planned. Less boating, more camping.”

Campbell previously underwent surgery for his back in 2013.

Campbell Underwent Surgery for Kidney Stones in 2019

Campbell was back in the hospital for another surgery in 2019. This time, however, it was for a recurring kidney stone issue. In an update to his Instagram followers, he explained, “Well here we are again. Straight from the Bering Sea to the hospital. I got in a fight with kidney stone #63 and obviously it won. 13 mm in size. Headed into surgery in an hour to get it taken out.”

Campbell’s decision to return to commercial fishing indicates that his back is feeling better, or at least suggests that he’s got pain management under control. His time spent on boats is not just reserved for his profession – he’s also been spending time out on the water in his personal life. In addition to rejoining the Deadliest Catch cast, Campbell seems to be enjoying family time in Idaho through the coronavirus pandemic and stay at home orders. His most recent Instagram post was a sweet photo fishing with his granddaughter. In the caption, he wrote, “Today was the first day that one of the lakes reopened in Idaho. I took my granddaughter out for a little spin on the boat to see if we could catch a fish. All we caught was a broken down boat.”

The next episode of Deadliest Catch is entitled “Chase Boat Rescue;” it airs on June 23. The official synopsis for the episode teases, “Listing heavily and taking on water, Junior calls on chase boat rescue for the first time in series history; Wild Bill sends Nick 20 feet off the deck in spite of his fear of heights; Josh and Casey hit a massive wave that knocks out greenhorn Maria.”

New episodes of Deadliest Catch season 16 air on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on the Discovery Channel.

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