Sara Molina, Tekashi’s Ex-Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sara Molina is the former girlfriend of rapper Daniel Hernandez, who is better known by his stage name Tekashi 6ix9ine. The ex-couple met as teenagers and share one young daughter together.

Hernandez is currently under house arrest after a judge allowed him to be released early from prison due to the risk of the coronavirus. The rapper was sentenced to two years behind bars in 2019 after pleading guilty to nine charges including racketeering and armed robbery. Hernandez agreed to testify against several co-defendants in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Molina’s name was in the headlines after Hernandez returned home from prison. During an Instagram Live recording, he claimed he had a personal reason for “snitching” on the other Nine Trey Gang members. Hernandez accused one of the men of sleeping with Molina. The person in question was Hernandez’s former manger, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan. Both Jordan and Molina have denied ever having a sexual relationship.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Molina Says Hernandez Is ‘Ashamed’ For Snitching & Slammed Him For Using Her as an Excuse

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Instagram/@iamsaramolinaSara Molina responded to ex-boyfriend Tekashi 6ix9ine after he tried to explain his reasoning for “snitching.”

Hernandez has long claimed his former manager, Shotti, had sex with Molina. That accusation circulated before Hernandez entered into the plea deal to testify against his fellow co-defendants. Molina addressed the rumor in an interview with Vlad TV in February 2019, after the interviewer asked her whether there was any truth to it.

Molina replied, “No, that’s ridiculous.” She went on to describe a confrontation she said happened during a trip to Dubai. Molina claimed Hernandez beat her after asking her about Shotti. “When he beat my ass in Dubai, he basically, after 2 hours, told me, ‘I know you didn’t do nothing, but I can’t have you out here making me look stupid.’ So he just beat my ass, not because he believed it, but because I made him look stupid because of what other people were saying.”

In September 2019, Shotti also commented on the accusation during a jailhouse interview that was posted to his Instagram account. He stated that he and Molina were strictly friends and had never slept together. “We had a relationship as friends because, you know, we spent a lot of time together. But other than that, it’s all made up.

However, the rumor came up again after Hernandez was released from prison and allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence at his home. He wrote on his Instagram story in May, “QUESTION: If they kidnapped you, stole from you, slept with your baby moms, threatened your mom, stole millions from you, caught on the phone trying to kill you. Would you snitch or do jail time?”

Molina slapped back at Hernandez on social media. She accused him of trying to blame her as the reason he testified and agreed to a plea deal.

Molina added that she felt Hernandez was trying to justify himself in order to shield that he felt ashamed for his actions. “Why you keep running the same story? You sound hurt off of something you tryna make cool,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “Stop putting bodies on me weirdo. You can jack how you don’t care that you snitched but guess what… YOU DO. He’s ashamed of what he did but has no choice but to jack it or try to make it look cool. He’s ashamed and has no choice but to hide behind humor. This is a man that is all for himself, apologizing to his fans but not his daughter who he completely neglects and doesn’t support or give af about her safety.” In another post, Molina also referred to Hernandez as a “marked man” and that “people smart enough” would know that she was not to blame for his decision to snitch.

2. Molina & Hernandez Met as Teenagers Through Mutual Friends & Worked Together at a Deli

Sara Molina on Meeting Tekashi, Getting "Trapped" by Pregnancy, Underaged Girl Video (Part 3)Watch Part 4: Part 2: Part 1: ——– In this clip, Sara Molina reflects on how her relationship began with Tekashi 6ix9ine, revealing that they got together when they were 16 when he was known around the neighborhood for wearing eccentric clothing. During this time, she also reflects on working in the…2019-02-19T21:45:00Z

Molina and Hernandez first met as teenagers growing up in Brooklyn, New York. She explained to Vlad TV that they were introduced through mutual friends in 2012 when they were both 16. Molina said Hernandez reached out to her over Facebook and they soon began dating.

Molina described Hernandez as a smart kid who was involved in sports when they first met. She said he was home-schooled and that he was pursuing a law program when they began dating, but that he eventually “just stopped” and did not finish high school. She did not expand on why Hernandez made that decision, or how she felt about it at the time.

Molina said she moved in with Hernandez and his mother when she turned 18. She described the living situation as “uncomfortable” because it was a railroad-style apartment. She said the living room was turned into a bedroom for her and Hernandez. Molina said it was during this time frame that she started working at the same deli where Hernandez was employed. Hernandez also began pursuing a rap career around this time. Molina explained that everyone in the neighborhood knew Hernandez from the deli because “he was the kid with the “outrageous clothing, the offensive clothing.”

3. Molina Says She Found Out She Was Pregnant Just Before Hernandez Was Arrested For Filming an Explicit Video With an Underage Girl

Molina did not live with Hernandez and his mother for very long. She has said that by the time she became pregnant at age 19, she had already moved back in with her parents. However, she was still spending time with Hernandez at his mother’s home. Molina claimed that Hernandez boasted to his friends that he had “trapped” her by getting her pregnant because, by that point, Molina said she did not want to date him anymore.

Molina has explained that as Hernandez began to spend more time pursuing a rap career, she was not comfortable with the videos he was filming with other women. One of the videos featured a 13-year-old girl having sex with an adult man, and Hernandez was arrested for his role in creating the video.

Molina said she discovered she was pregnant days before Hernandez was arrested. “He’s in Rikers, nobody knows I’m pregnant and I’m so stressed. I’m like, ‘what am I going to do?'” Molina said she kept the news of her pregnancy a secret from friends and family while Hernandez remained in jail. “I was scared. I didn’t want to feel the judgment like, ‘Oh, what do you look like having a baby and he’s in jail and might not get out?'” Their daughter, Saraiyah, was born in 2015.

Hernandez ultimately received probation and 1,000 hours of community service when he was sentenced in October 2018 for this case. The judge said Hernandez “expressed genuine remorse for his actions,” the New York Times reported.

4. Molina Has Accused Hernandez of Being a Dead-Beat Father

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Molina loves being a mother, according to her Instagram account. On Mothe’s Day, she posted several photos of Saraiyah and wrote that she felt “blessed” and “grateful” to be her mother.

But Molina has blasted Hernandez for not playing a larger role in their daughter’s life. On June 12, Molina and her mother accused him of failing to pay child support during a lengthy Instagram Live video. Molina claimed Hernandez was spoiling his new girlfriend with expensive gifts and showing off his expensive vehicles while neglecting his child’s needs.

It’s worth noting that in December 2019, Molina told TMZ she didn’t want payments from him. “I already know what comes with it, and I’d rather not have those strings and that type of chaos that he comes with just for me.” During that interview, Molina added that she felt Hernandez had wanted to use his daughter as “a prop to gain sympathy” with the judge. “He has gone this whole year without reaching out, checking on my daughter.”

Molina has also denied that she keeps Hernandez away from Saraiyah. In the Instagram video embedded above, she explained that Hernandez spoke to his daughter over the phone while he was in prison, but claimed he had not reached out since beginning house arrest.

Molina has also expressed concern for her daughter’s safety if she allows Saraiyah to spend time with Hernandez. According to Revolt TV, Molina says she fears Hernandez will be targeted because of his decision to testify against Nine Trey Gang members.

5. Molina Claims Hernandez Regularly Beat Her & Admitted to Cheating With More Than 70 Women

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Happy National daughter Day ❤️.

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Molina says that her long relationship with Hernandez included multiple instances of domestic violence. In an interview with the Daily Beast in February 2019, Molina claimed Hernandez routinely abused her and even struck her in front of their young daughter. She said she never called the police or filed any reports against him.

During that interview, Molina said Hernandez also confessed to cheating on her with more than 70 different women. She said he admitted to having been treated for multiple sexually transmitted diseases and dealt with several pregnancies. A woman named Layna has said Hernandez is the father of her baby girl, but like Molina, says Hernandez has not had a role in the child’s life.

Hernandez has never been charged for domestic violence but he has confessed to crimes against women. Complex magazine reported in September 2019 that as part of his plea deal, the federal government agreed to avoid charging Hernandez for additional admitted crimes. One of those admissions was “domestic violence from 2011 to November 2018,” which lines up with the time he was dating Molina.

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