What Has Tierra LiCausi Been Doing Since The Bachelor Wrapped?

Beginning MONDAY, JUNE 8 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), join the rest of Bachelor Nation as we stroll down memory lane and relive the most iconic romantic moments and jaw-dropping drama on "The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ð Ever!" (ABC/FRANCISCO ROMAN) TIERRA LICAUSI, SEAN LOWE

ABC Beginning MONDAY, JUNE 8 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), join the rest of Bachelor Nation as we stroll down memory lane and relive the most iconic romantic moments and jaw-dropping drama on "The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ð Ever!" (ABC/FRANCISCO ROMAN) TIERRA LICAUSI, SEAN LOWE

Every Bachelor and Bachelorette season needs a villain, and during Sean Lowe’s season, that villain was Tierra LiCausi. The little spitfire rubbed a lot of her fellow contestants the wrong way, especially because she made it all the way to the Top 6 before getting the boot, and her crying interviews were legendary.

Ahead of the Sean Lowe episode of The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever, here’s what we know about LiCausi’s life since The Bachelor, including her broken engagement and her possible new man, Tyler Brooks Brown.

Tierra Got Engaged Just After The Bachelor Wrapped

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According to E! Online, once LiCausi was eliminated from The Bachelor, when she got her cell phone back, she found out that a man she had previously dated had been trying to contact her the entire time she was away.

“As she was leaving St. Croix, the producers gave her cell phone back to her and she found a hundred emails and phone calls from him,” Tierra’s brother Tyler told E!. “He happened to be calling again at the moment she got her phone, she answered, and they agreed they would meet in Denver.”

After that, the two began dating again and became engaged in January 2013. In fact, the Bachelor producers reportedly wanted Tierra and her fiance to appear on the Women Tell All special together, but she declined.

“Her fiance is a very private guy and doesn’t like the spotlight,” said Tyler. “She doesn’t want to do it because of all the negative publicity. She could go on to set the record straight, but who knows how they’re going to edit it? People are still going to hate her.”

The Engagement Ended Later That Year

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In September 2013, Wetpaint (via People) reported that LiCausi had ended her engagement with a man later identified as Anthony Luca. According to their source, it actually happened “a few months” before the news broke.

As for what she’s been up to since then, details are scarce because both her Twitter and Instagram accounts are private. But on Facebook, it says she is now in a relationship with Tyler Brooks Brown. He is also friends with Tierra’s mom, Robyn, on Facebook. But not much else is known about Brown.

The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Each Monday night, Harrison will “reach into the vault” to highlight “some of the most devastating rose ceremonies, passionate proposals, unexpected new arrivals, dramatic meltdowns, biggest breakups, and, of course, the most romantic moments. The weekly retrospectives will also include virtual catch-ups with fan-favorite Bachelor alumni, checking on the latest in their lives after their final rose.”

The description for Lowe’s episode reads, “Relive the dramatic and heartbreaking moments, including Tierra’s explosive fallout with AshLee, the most confrontational hometown visit with Desiree, and the devastating moment Lindsay, who showed up on the first night in a wedding dress, realized that she would not be getting the proposal she had hoped for.”

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