Top Chef Season 17 Winner Predictions & Finale Spoilers

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Nicole Weingart/Bravo 'Top Chef' judges Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi and Gail Simmons.

The season 17 finale of Top Chef All Stars airs tonight at 10/9c on Bravo. The climactic finale features the remaining three contestants, Bryan Voltaggio, Melissa King and Stephanie Cmar; at the end of the episode, one all-star winner will be crowned.

The season finale’s official synopsis reads: “The final three all stars face off in an epic Italian showdown to cook the meal of their lives in an effort to take home the ultimate title and prize.”

So, who will win season 17 of Top Chef, and what’s in store for the finale episode? Here’s what we know, and our best winner prediction:

Based on Her Performance All Season, King Seems Favored to Win

While all three finalists are champions in their own right, King seems like the most likely victor for season 17. Gold Derby predicts that the season is King’s “to lose,” based on how strongly she has performed throughout the season.

Without giving away the results of the season 17 finale, King offered the lengthiest social media reflection on her experience in the competition. Ahead of the finale’s air date, she wrote:

It’s been the longest journey, but feels like the quickest when you watch it fly by 1 hour of the week. Whatever happens tonight, we should all be proud of what we’ve accomplished and will continue to accomplish ahead. Top Chef has always been more than a competition for me. It’s bonded me to an incredible, superhuman group of inspiring chef friends – my TC family. Every chef from this season and pasts, have put their whole heart and emotion into the very brief moments you as a viewer get to peak into. We create, we argue, we cut and burn ourselves (badly), we cry (a lot), but most importantly we laugh and smile through it all together. Anyone that’s ever competed on Top Chef knows it’s 1000% harder than it appears. It’s why we have such a strong connection and respect for each other. I’m proud of everyone this season for having the courage and strength to do it all over again. We are all winners. Top Chef Seniors forever! Love you! Thank you Top Chef and @magicalelves for creating an experience that not only uplifts careers but sparks our creativity, engineers lifelong friendships, and inspires us all.

It’s worth noting that King’s Instagram post was the most thoughtfully written of all three of the finalists. Could that be a hint that she was the season 17 winner?

Of course, Voltaggio could end up winning it all; however, after his near-elimination in the semi-finals, he will have a lot to prove to the judges as the finale’s underdog contestant.

The Final 3 Were Tasked With Creating & Cooking a 4-Course Meal for the Finale Competition

A preview of the season finale shared by Bravo reveals a few minor spoilers about the season 17 finale episode.

For their final challenge of the season, to determine the winner, the judges tasked the final three with creating a four-course meal, to be served in the finale’s beautiful Italian setting. Three previously eliminated contestants were brought back for the finale to serve as the final three’s sous chefs, but it seems like having a second set of eyes (and opinions) as they planned their courses added some stress for the finalists.

While preparing her dishes to present to the judges, Cmar worries that she might have plated her dishes too simply, compared to her competitors Voltaggio and King.

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