Vanessa Simmons Takes on Fitness Challenge with Eric Bigger

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During season 5 of We TV’s Growing Up Hip HopVanessa Simmons has been open about her struggle with positive body image. She has since announced that she will be taking on a 30-day fitness challenge with Eric Bigger.

Simmons has been open about the fact that she had gained weight before filming for season 5 of the show started, and she said that she hadn’t noticed it. She went on to clarify that weight does not define a person, and she has emphasized the importance of being healthy.

“There’s definitely an unspoken pressure that comes along with being a woman in Hollywood, fitting certain beauty standards,” she told Madame Noire. “Over the last year I’ve gained a lot of weight. It came out of nowhere to me. I’m in the middle of realizing a lot of my dreams, and having to be in front of the camera, it’s pretty uncomfortable being less confident because of something physical.”

She said that the quarantine due to COVID-19 has allowed her to connect with who she is and her desire to feel “healthy, mind, body and soul.”

Vanessa Simmons is Taking on a New Fitness Challenge

On June 11, Simmons announced that she would be taking on a fitness challenge in an Instagram post.

“I’ve opened up a lot about my weight gain making me feel uncomfortable, so I’ve challenged myself to Show Up For Myself and make a change,” she wrote. “Join me on this fitness challenge with [Eric Bigger] for your chance not only to transform your body, mind and soul but also there are chances to win [money].”

The first day of the challenge was on June 17, and Simmons announced that in another post.

“My 30 day fitness challenge with [Eric Bigger] is now live!” the TV star wrote. “Not only do you receive a 30 day fitness regimen, but also meal suggestions and a motivational mindset guide to keep you motivated during this complete lifestyle transformation.”

Simmons Believes in Body Positivity

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In an interview with Madame Noire, Simmons talked about what she believes in when it comes to weight loss and beauty.

“We’re all perfect in our own ways and we don’t have to fit any type of standard. That’s really what I’m learning in quarantine,” she said. “I hope that telling my story this season on Growing Up Hip Hop helps.”

She said that she still receives a lot of hate from people who watch GUHH, especially from people who talk about her having a baby outside of marriage. She said she has also dealt with comments about her body for years. She tries to brush off the negativity, though.

“Sometimes it does get a little frustrating and bothersome, but I think overall, you just learn not to care what other people are saying and thinking,” she said. “That even goes back to my weight-loss journey. I do have people bother me all the time like, ‘Oh my God, you’re pregnant! Congratulations!’ It’s something I deal with consistently.”

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