Are Amanda and JJ from ‘Siesta Key’ Still Together?

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Instagram Amanda Miller and JJ Mizell of Siesta Key

Amanda Miller and JJ Mizell are among the Siesta Key exes that have reunited during season three of the MTV reality series. The couple first dated during their teenage years. But according to Miller, they broke up after she learned Mizell had been cheating on her.

Fans watched as Miller decided to give Mizell a second chance, despite the fact that she was also spending time with fellow castmember Brandon Gomes. But it was not crystal clear whether they made the relationship work once the cameras stopped rolling. However, both Miller and Mizell have dropped hints on social media that they are no longer together.

Here’s what you need to know:

Miller Has Not Shared Any Recent Photos With Mizell & Posted Negative Tweets That Appeared to Be Aimed at Him

Neither Miller nor Mizell has current pictures of each other on their respective Instagram accounts. On March 3, however, Miller made remarks on Twitter that suggested she was dismayed watching an episode that featured her flirting with Mizell.

In that night’s episode, Miller was part of the group that traveled to Alyssa Salerno’s parents’ home in Georgia for a weekend getaway. Miller chose to share a room with Chloe Trautman rather than sleep in the same bed as Mizell. However, the exes also had a serious conversation during which Mizell insisted that he was a changed man.

As that episode aired, Miller first tweeted, “‘I’m never going to hurt you.’ If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that!” She included an eye-roll emoji.

Just one minute later, Miller retweeted a post from Juliette Porter, who wrote, “Ugh there is so much chemistry between Amanda and JJ #SiestaKey.” Miller’s response was a series of emojis that included a crying face and a grimace.

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The last picture on Miller’s Instagram account that included Mizell was shared on July 6, 2019. It was a group photo from the Georgia weekend alongside Trautman, Salerno, Jared Kelderman and Alex Kompothecras. Everyone was holding a sparkler and Miller wrote, “Georgia was pretty lit.”

Another hint that Miller and Mizell didn’t make it work is the argument that played out on the June 30 episode. The two both expressed a struggle to trust the other.

Mizell Was Hanging Out With Cara Geswelli In March 2020

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Instagram/@jjmizellJJ Mizell and Cara Geswelli of MTV’s Siesta Key

Mizell was spending time with another Siesta Key castmate in March 2020: Cara Geswelli. And neither of them attempted to hide it. Both shared pictures together to their respective Instagram Stories and screenshots were shared online.

Geswelli posted videos with Mizell during her birthday celebrations in mid-March. The Inquisitr reported that Mizell and Geswelli were cuddled up in multiple videos and that he was filmed kissing her on the cheek. Mizell also shared this selfie, in which he and Geswelli are standing cheek-to-cheek and appear to be in bathing suits. Mizell and Geswelli also took a road trip together to Savannah, Georgia.

Neither has confirmed the relationship. But if Miller had still been involved with Mizell as of March, it’s unlikely Mizell would have been spending that much time with another woman. Geswelli abruptly left the series during the first half of season three, shortly after breaking up with Garrett Miller.

Miller has also acknowledged that single people in Siesta Key tend to intermingle often due to the town’s small size. She told Carrie’s Chronicles in January 2020, “Siesta Key is actually a small town, so it’s hard to find someone to date that hasn’t been with somebody you already know. It can be quite difficult to find a good relationship, but there are some good opportunities here.”

Miler & Mizell Fell Head-Over-Heels For Each Other As Teenagers

Miller and Mizell fell in love as teenagers and were not shy about sharing that fact with the world, based on past Instagram posts. They started dating in February 2014 and broke up sometime in 2016.

Miller has discussed on-camera that Mizell cheated on her when they dated the first time, and her knowledge of that alleged behavior was likely the reason they broke up. The last photo Mizell shared with Miller was dated December 2, 2015. Miller was kissing him on the cheek as Mizell smiled at the camera. The relationship appeared to still be going strong at that moment because he wrote in the caption, “I could have everything this world has to offer and it still wouldn’t be the same without you. #wcw #oldpicture #almosttwoyears #iloveyou.” Miller commented, “I love you!”

Miller’s last Instagram post from 2015 that featured Mizell was shared on September 28. It was a throwback photo from a past event and Miller wrote that it was one of her favorite photos of the two of them together. Mizell commented, “Love you baby.”

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One of my favorites with you ☺️

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Over the course of their relationship, Mizell was more frequently vocal about expressing his affection for Miller on social media. He questioned, “How’d I get so lucky” in this picture from March 2014. Mizell shared a picture from Miller’s high school graduation in June 2014 and wrote that she “means the world” to him.

In August of that year, he wrote, “You drive me crazy at times, but I love you.” He described her as one of his “favorite people” in November 2014.

In September 2015, Mizell shared a selfie of him and Miller kissing on the beach. He gushed, “I can honestly say you’re my best friend and my girlfriend, I’ve never had anything like it before and I never want it to end.”

Miller didn’t post as often but she made her feelings clear whenever she did. She called Mizell the love of her life in an Instagram post in August 2014. In July of that year, she shared a photo of Mizell on his motorcycle and praised him. “Lets all just take a moment to realize how awesome and handsome my boyfriend is.”

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