Are Camilla Canttaneo & Brandon Gomes from ‘Siesta Key’ Still Together?

Brandon Gomes Camilla Canttaneo Relationship


This season of MTV’s Siesta Key is heating up, with couple Camilla Canttaneo and Brandon Gomes getting some screentime. There’s good news for fans of the couple, too. It looks like they are still together.

The couple first got together in spring 2018, and they became “Instagram Official” in March of that year. The couple has posted images of them together on social media pretty consistently in the two years since then, proving that they’re still together.

Most recently, Camilla posted a photo of her and Brandon at Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring, captioning it “getaway with my love.” Brandon commented on the photo with a heart emoji.

The Couple Argues on Tonight’s Episode

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In a sneak peek for tonight’s episode of the show, Brandon tells Camilla they need to “slow it down” after she talks about moving in with him.

In a conversation after his first day at a new job, Camilla discusses her feelings about job stability in the music industry. She said she wants a working man that wakes up, puts on a tie and comes home after work and that music is great, but “this is a real job.”

When she tells him that he’s planning on putting money towards his new album and then buying a Tesla, Camilla tells him that’s unrealistic and wonders about how he will save money so they can move in together.

“We need to slow it down,” he said to her. “That’s, like, a big step. You don’t really just throw it out there the way you did.”

Camilla responded, “Well, I just did.”

There’s good news for fans, though: this argument did not lead to a breakup.

Camilla Canttaneo and Brandon Gomes Are Still Together

Judging by their Instagram feeds, it’s likely that Camilla and Brandon are still together and going strong. Camilla shared a photo of the two in the ocean with the caption “Will we sink or float? #SiestaKey,” and another of them on a beach with the caption, “there will always be room for your hand in mine.”

Gomez shared a photo from the same photoshoot, writing simply, “The feels,” and Camilla commented on that with a heart emoji. Another photo of them together was posted and cast member Kelsey Owens commented to say it was her “new fav pic” of them.

Since the couple is still together, we shouldn’t expect to see an on-screen breakup anytime soon.

Are Brandon and Madisson Still Friends?

Long-time viewers of Siesta Key will remember that Brandon used to date co-star Madisson Hausburg, with fans coming up with the name “Bradisson.” They were together from the summer of 2017 to the fall of 2018 with their breakup happening on-screen during a Halloween episode of the show.

Both Brandon and Madisson have officially moved on, however, but they still seem to be friends. Madisson often comments on photos of Brandon with his current girlfriend and likes the posts.

Siesta Key airs on MTV at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays.

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