Chrissy Teigen: ‘Sick Psychopaths’ Target Her in Twitter Conspiracy Theories

Chrissy Teigen

Getty Chrissy Teigen deleted 60,000 tweets and blocked over a million people on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen, the model, cookbook author and TV personality, has blocked more than a million people on Twitter and made her account private after false online conspiracy theories linked her and husband John Legend to the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Teigen voiced concerns for her family after a Twitter user called her out on July 14 and asked why she had deleted 28,000 tweets. The user claimed Teigen was on the notorious Epstein flight logs, though Page Six reported that is false. She was also criticized for some of her old tweets, which some netizens used as evidence for what they said was a connection to Epstein, a wild theory based on a fake passenger list that has also led to other celebrities, like Tom Hanks, being targeted on social media, according to Reuters.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite known as an ally of the late Epstein, was arrested in New Hamshire on July 2. She was charged on six accounts of sexual exploitation and manipulation of minors and perjury, according to the FBI indictment.

Maxwell pleaded not guilty when she appeared in court on July 14 but was denied bail by a federal judge, CNBC reported. With Maxwell’s arrest and trial, speculations about Teigen’s ties to her and the Epstein sex scandal began to grow on the Internet.

Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening with Teigen and her Twitter:

1. Teigen Is Dealing With Conspiracy Theories That Spread After Epstein’s Arrest

Chrissy Teigen

There have been conspiracy theories that accuse Teigen of having a connection to Epstein.

Epstein, a New York financier, was arrested in 2019 and charged with sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. The New York Times said Epstein had long been accused of molesting minors before his arrest. He later died of an apparent suicide in jail.

Epstein was a socialite and friend to many celebrities. And a number of them, according to Business Insider, had flown on his private plane, nicknamed “Lolita Express,” including former president Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and supermodel Naomi Campbell. The real flight logs that emerged in court documents have been conflated with a fake list spread by conspiracy theorists who follow the debunked “Pizzagate” and “QAnon” theories.

Teigen was accused by some Twitter users of having been a passenger on the plane, but she said it was a lie and she would’ve been a victim if she were on the flight.

Journalist Yashar Ali wrote about the false claims on Twitter, “For years these people have been doing things like posting FAKE versions of Jeffery Epstein’s flight logs saying that Chrissy was a passenger. None of these folks seem to be able to do math, she was a minor when they’re accusing her of being a pedophile with Epstein.”

There were also speculations about her involvement in the sex abuse case after some of her old tweets resurfaced, including what some people considered inappropriate comments about children.

Teigen dismissed people who went after her because of her old tweets and said they think they’re “some sort of f***** operative.”

2. Teigen Said She Blocked the Accounts Because Her Attackers Are ‘Living for This’ & Have ‘Zeroed in on Her’

Chrissy Teigen

GettyChrissy Teigen says she is “still flooded with sick psychopaths” after blocking over a million Twitter accounts.

In her most recent tweet before turning her account private, Teigen said she had blocked more than a million people but was “still flooded with sick psychopaths.” She accused her attackers of “living for this,” saying they had “zeroed in” on only her.

She denied the accusations made by the conspiracy believers and expressed frustration about what she called acts of “trolls” and “losers.”

Teigen said she deleted 60,000 tweets because she could no longer stand the harassment and was worried about her family. She also tweeted that everyone thought she was guilty because she was defensive.

Despite blocking a million people, before she made it private her Twitter threads still appeared to be a war zone in which both her supporters and attackers argued against each other. She made her account private on the night of July 15.

3. Teigen Said She Will Quit Twitter if the Social Media Platform Does Nothing About the ‘Scary Harassment’

Chrissy Teigen

GettyTeigen says she will ” have to go” if Twitter doesn’t do anything about the “harassment.”

Teigen said she will leave Twitter if it doesn’t do anything about what she said is “scary harassment.”

In fact, Teigen already took a short break from social media in May after Alison Roman, a food writer, made critical comments about Teigen’s culinary business expansion, according to Elle. Teigen was “bummed out” and made her Twitter account private but returned a day later after Roman apologized twice, Wonderwall reported.

In 2018, Teigen and her husband threatened to file a lawsuit against prominent QAnon conspiracy theory follower Liz Crokin, who accused the couple on Twitter of being involved in a child sex-trafficking ring, according to the Los Angeles Times.

4. Teigen & Her Husband Have Had a Feud With President Donald Trump

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend

GettyTeigen and her husband have had an online feud with President Donald Trump.

Teigen and Legend have not been a fan of President Donald Trump. Last year, the couple and the president started a feud on Twitter that resulted in a trending term, #PresidentP****A**B****.

The president called out the couple after Legend appeared on an MSNBC show to talk about the criminal justice system and his Free America campaign.

The couple both responded to Trump almost immediately but their feud was just getting started. Teigen has been vocal about her dislike of Trump’s presidency on Twitter, and she linked the most recent allegations against her to her political stance.

Legend has not publicly commented on the recent false accusations about his wife and how she’s handled Twitter.

5. Teigen Is Known for Her Outspoken & Funny Personality on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen

GettyTeigen is known for her funny tweets.

A bestselling cookbook author, Teigen constantly shared about food with her 13.1 million followers on Twitter. She’s also known for being outspoken and humorous.

Glamour, the online women’s magazine, said she is “the only person you need to follow on social media,” and celebrity expert Mike Sington told Bored Panda that Teigen was the “Queen of Twitter”:

Chrissy Teigen is known as the ‘Queen of Twitter.’ She absolutely owns the platform and is considered a ‘must follow.’ No other celebrity has mastered the art of Twitter like she has.

She tweets prolifically and is brutally honest, while being funny and insightful at the same time.

Chrissy Teigen funny tweet

One of Teigen’s funny tweets about her husband.

Sington also said that Teigen “pulled back the curtain of celebrity mystique” by engaging with fans and followers.

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