David C. Meyer, Camille Grammer’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Camille Grammer

Getty Camille Grammer and husband David Meyer in 2018

In 2018, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer married her new man, David C. Meyer. The wedding, which took place in Hawaii, was shown in an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9, and viewers watched as Grammer walked down the aisle for the second time. The two have been happily married ever since, making brief cameos on the various seasons of the show.

Grammer divorced her first husband, singer Kelsey Grammer, in 2011, according to Bravo. They have two children together, daughter Mason, and son Jude. However, when Grammer got remarried to Meyer, it begged the question to fans: who is David C. Meyer? Here’s what you need to know about the husband of this former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate:

1. David C. Meyer Is a Lawyer

Meyer is a lawyer at the firm Arent Fox, in their Los Angeles office, according to the company’s website. According to his bio on the site, Meyer heads the office’s Corporate and Real Estate Transactional practice. “His practice focuses on business transactions, real estate, financings, intellectual property, and mergers and acquisitions,” according to the site. Meyer has worked for clients in the automotive industry, as well as an Amerian donut company, a mixed martial arts event promoter, and a private equity fund, just to name a few.

However, in April 2019, Page Six reported that a website called “IMetDavidMeyer.com” was created and that it was for the “victims of David Meyer.” According to the publication, the website was created to get Meyers disbarred because he represented a man named Troy Stratos, who was a con artist and is in prison for cheating victims out of $43 million. However, it does not seem like these efforts worked.

2. Grammer’s Children Were Unhappy That She Got Married To David C. Meyer

According to Bravo, Grammer’s children were quite unhappy when their mother got married to Meyer. On an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aftershow in May 2019, Grammer shared why her children were reluctant to let Meyer into their lives.

“My son is very close to my ex-husband because it’s his father, I understand that,” Meyer said, “So I don’t know the psychology behind it but it’s taking him a little longer to come around to David. My daughter, in the beginning, she was hesitant because it’s Mom and no one wants to share their time with their mother. Even at the wedding, she was upset that I was getting married. It’s like, ‘Smile, [Mason],’ and she didn’t want to smile. She was sad: She even cried toward the end of the reception, she was upset because she didn’t want to lose her mom… Because she felt that she lost her dad when her dad got married. But I wouldn’t do that to my children.”

In the interview, Meyer said that it was difficult having to blend families, but that it was getting better between all four of them.

3. David C. Meyer Was Married Once Before

Like his new wife, Grammer, Meyer was married once before. According to Radar Online, his ex-wife’s name is Wendy Meyer, and the couple was married for 11 years. They officially divorced in 2017, which was during the same time that Grammer got engaged to Meyer.

According to Radar Online, Meyer’s ex-wife accused Meyer of assaulting her. “Respondent and I separated on September 24, 2014 when respondent was arrested after he physically assaulted me in our home and caused me to have a concussion,” Wendy Meyer claimed in their March 10, 2016 divorce paper, according to Radar Online. Wendy Meyer also accused Meyer of withholding funds from her.

4. David C. Meyer and Camille Grammer Have Already Been Through A Lot

Meyer and Grammer have already been through a lot together in their marriage. In November 2018, the wildfires that ravaged the Los Angeles, California area, also ravaged their home, according to Bravo. Grammer lost her home, as it was unable to be saved due to the wildfires. Viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills briefly saw this situation play out during Season 9 of the show.

In a powerful Instagram post from November 11, 2018, Grammer wrote, “Sadly my house couldn’t be saved. The courageous firefighters were able to save my cars and personal items recovered from my home. I thanked the fire chief and his team of firemen for all of their hard work. He took the time to explain what happened and I’m grateful for all of their hard work trying to save my home. Sad we lost our home but grateful that my family is safe. Luckily we quickly evacuated our house yesterday after a patrol car drove up the street announcing mandatory evacuations. I’m grateful for my lovely neighbors and friends who kept me informed and for their help this evening.”

5. David C. Meyer First Met Camille Grammer In Malibu

According to People, Meyer and Grammer first met in Malibu. “They’re just in love,” a source close to the couple told People in October 2017, “There’s a casualness and easiness to their relationship. They’re a really happy, kind couple. He really loves her for her.”

Around the time of their engagement, Grammer shared a sweet photo of them together on Twitter, writing, “Party night with my love. We have a secret.. guess”

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